Google Plus Invites Now Open: 150 to Give Away: Update

Phones Review loves our readers very much and thank those for coming back to us every day, so in return for your loyalty and readership I Mark Chubb will be offering 150 first come first serve readers an invite.

I have a personal Google+ profile and not a business one, I want my readers to know me Mark Chubb and I would love to offer the first 150 readers the chance to enter the Google+ social network.

All you need to do is click this link here and the rest is self-explanatory. Please do add me Mark Chubb to your circles one you have set up your Google Plus profile, you can add me by visiting here then just click add on my profile wall and then choose a circle.

I would also love for those that get in to leave me a massage of some sort, so here it is again. Click this link to enter, and then add me by clicking here. Simple.

Google Plus is taking the world by storm and so far has over 20-million users, would you like to be a part of it?

When these 150 Google Plus invites go that is it for today, it will only allow 150 and then it comes to an end today. See what happens tomorrow to see if I can get more. Thanks and hope to see you in there.

UPDATE: The above link no longer works, but good news for all. We have another 150 invites, read more here.


8 thoughts on “Google Plus Invites Now Open: 150 to Give Away: Update”

  1. Hi, mark thank you for your g+ invites. btw once your 150 invites are over, i can share my invites with you or anyone who likes to follow your phone reviews. After all i could get g+ because of you, so at least that much i can contribute.

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