Where Would Certain Manufacturers Be Without Android

The Google Android operating system is becoming a vast success rate, and we would love to know where would certain manufacturers be without android. Google is releasing new products all the time such as Google+, new apps, and so on and surely it makes sense that other manufactures should jump aboard the Google train.

For example, where would the likes of HTC, Samsung and Motorola be if they did not take Android on board, I will tell you now that they would have been in the same dark corner Nokia, Philips etc are right now.

Think about this for a moment, what was the best Motorola mobile phone before it took Android on board as its main operating system, what the Moto RAZR, let looks at the best selling Motorola phones: 1996 Motorola StarTAC sold 60-million units, 130-million Moto RAZR V3’s sold in 2004, so back in the day Motorola handsets were selling like hotcakes, seemed like everyone wanted a Moto phone so what about as the years went on.

1996 Motorola StarTAC 60 million sold, 2004 Motorola RAZR V3, 130 million sold, 2005 Motorola C113/C139/C200 60 million sold, Motorola V220 15 million sold, Motorola V195 15 million sold, and also sold in 2005 Motorola Q 1 million,

2006: Motorola PEBL U6 15 million sold, Motorola KRZR K1 15 million sold, Motorola SLVR L6 15 million sold, Motorola SLVR L7, 15 million sold.

You can clearly see that Motorola done a fantastic job in selling its handsets, but as the year went on less sales started to happen but then this is the same for all manufacturers, but Motorola decided to take Google Android on board and by doing so is still seeing impressive sales, such as the Samsung Galaxy S in 2010, 10 million were sold, 5 million Samsung Galaxy S II handsets in 2011 so far have been sold. Motorola might have died if they did not take on Android because sales for all manufactures has dropped by millions.

Since Samsung took Android on board the companies sales rose by 421% over a year ago and sold 17 million devices, thanks to Android over 500,000 devices have been activated every day.

HTC, Motorola and Samsung were under attack by the likes of Apple and its iPhone, but these companies have said “On your Bike” in a nutshell and pushed sales figures back in Apples faces. This about it for a little bit, Apple is attacking both HTC and Samsung at the moment, and it does not take a rocket scientist to understand that Apple feel a little threatened.

Sorry to go on and on and we hope we are not baffling on like a stuck record, but we believe that manufactures such as RIM should take on the Android operating system, stuff your pride down the rubbish shoot and get the sales you deserve, bring the BlackBerry phone to life. You have got to be crazy if you think the 9900 or any other new mobile will sell in the millions, you tried with the Storm and that did not work out did it now.

BlackBerry phones all look the same and needs something special, make a change and start by having the full Android OS running and not just a few Android apps that have slipped in.

Samsung Safe, HTC Safe, Motorola Safe, BlackBerry dying a slow death, Philips DEAD, Nokia is a hard one because they have WP7 nothing special but it’s a start, these manufacturers that are dead or dying should approach Google and ask for the Android operating system change.

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