Apple Buying Old iPhones in US Not UK: Must Have iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is definitely coming soon because Apple want’s to buy your old iPhone’s, there are a couple of downsides and one of them includes rubbish cash back and the other is the Apple Reuse and Recycle for the iPhone is available in the US and NOT the UK.

If they are offering this new buy back service in the US and not the UK this most definitely means the US will see an iPhone 5 release first.

Anyway, if you wish to get rid of your old iPhone (Original), iPhone 3G, 3GS or iPhone 4 then head on over to the Apple Reuse and Recycle page and follow the onscreen instructions, they are very simple to follow.

By selling your iPhone back to Apple it will make room for the new upcoming iPhone 5, you can also sell back your iPad, notebook etc as well. You will not receive cash but you can exchange your old Apple products for a gift card, makes sense to get rid of your old device if you no longer need it and get something back in return, unless you like it to sit in the bottom of a drawer.

Once you have followed the onscreen instructions and set your device off to Apple you will receive a gift card that you can use to purchase at any Apple Retail Store or the Apple Online Store.

Be as honest as possible about the condition of your Apple product, shipping and posting is totally free and Apple will send you a box to your address for you to use, you can expect to receive the gift card around 3-weeks after posting.

Just so you know the Reuse and Recycle in the UK is only listing the desktop and the notebook, they are not allowing iPhone option just yet, personally the money they are offering is not that great anyway. We have a year old MacBook Air in mint condition that runs like a dream and after following the onscreen instruction Apple only offers £245, we would rather keep it or sell it privately.

If you try the Reuse and Recycle in the US, please let us know how much Apple is offering you for your old iPhone.

Many retail stores such as RadioShack, Target and so on are offering aggressive price cuts on Apple iPhone so expect to see the iPhone 5 release early September. Will you be getting rid of your old iPhone in return for a gift card, or will you sell privately?

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