O2 National Treasures Facebook Game: Calling Card Prizes

National Treasures is a Facebook game where people can submit photos of their ‘national treasure’ (a favourite item, landmark or person from a country of their choice). The treasures are then pitched against each other in a ‘hot or not’ style voting game. For example, you might be asked to vote between a Chicken Tikka Masala, or Wayne Rooney.

The campaign is to raise awareness of O2’s new international calling cards; a no frills calling card with no hidden costs, creating a community around fond memories of their home countries.

Anyone who visits the game can claim an absolutely free £1 calling card. Those who play the game can win a £5 calling card and be entered into a prize draw to win flights for two people to anywhere in the world!

We thought we would mention this campaign on because O2 is very keen to give away as many free calling cards as possible.

We reported a while back about the new O2 International Calling Card, it offers a ‘high quality call experience’ with great rates from as little as 1p per minute, combined with and no hidden catches such as maintenance fees, connection charges, disconnection charges or premium rate access numbers.

You can see the application on O2’s Facebook site; this link will take you of to Facebook where you will see a large image,

Calling card Features: You can get a free £1 calling card with no additional charges, you get great quality connection, rates for just 1P a minute and it does not matter what network you are on. The Facebook page also mentions “Add a treasure for your chance to win flights”, all you need to do is tell O2 about the people, places and things that make you proud of your nation, and O2 will send you a free calling card voucher to help you stay connected to a loved one. Each treasure you add will be entered into the prize draw to win a return flight anywhere in the world.


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