Should Nintendo Develop Games For iOS and Android

Well that’s a big question and one that the CEO of Nintendo has already answered with the gaming giant will only develop games for their own devices whilst he’s at the helm. However there could be a possibility that Nintendo games may just come to the iPhone and Android platforms in the future if company investors have anything to do with it.

According to an article over on The Next Web and by way of Bloomberg, Nintendo investors aren’t too pleased with company CEO Satoru Iwata and have begun applying pressure to explore smartphone platforms including Android and iOS.

Apparently said invertors want Iwata to scrap his strategy in an attempt to reverse the decline in Nintendo’s stock, stock that has apparently fallen to a 6-year low.

Previous reports had it that a Pokamon game was coming to the iPhone causing Nintendo shares to rise to a 4-month high on the back of rumours that Nintendo would start developing for Apple’s iOS smartphone, but this wasn’t the case.

Six months after the launch of the Nintendo 3GS, the company has been forced to slash its price by 40 percent.

I’m not too sure why the Nintendo boss is so set against developing Nintendo games for the smartphone and tablet markets as surely such development has the potential to drag in huge revenue to Nintendo, but who know, perhaps investor pressure will force the CEO to do a u-turn, or I guess if he is dead set against it then investors could always kick him out in favour of a more smartphone friendly CEO.

So the question to our entire readership whether you are iOS or Android or other is would you like to see Nintendo games become available to your smartphone and tablet? Feel free to voice your opinions to our comments area below.

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