Nokia Windows Phone Device Delivery Starts Sept

So just when will Nokia take delivery of their first Windows Phone smartphones? Well apparently Nokia Windows Phone devices are being manufactured by Taiwanese firm Compal and the latest word is that Compal will begin delivering Windows Phone handset to Nokia sometime in September.

According to the guys over at Unwired View, the word came via Twitter where @dnystedt tweeted…”Nokia supplier, Compal, to start shipping Windows Phone 7smartphoens to Nokia in September, total 2 million in Q4, Taiwan media say.”

The Unwired View guys believe that Nokia won’t announce or launch their Windows Phone 7 smartphone “earlier than a week before Nokia World,” which is scheduled for the 26th — 27th of October in London UK.

They also state that with Windows Phone devices shipping during September, the devices should start to become available as of the 26th of October or soon thereafter.

As you are probably aware it seems Nokia for good or bad has bunched all their eggs in one basket and placed their future on being very successful with Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, again as I have said previously I believe Nokia should have opted to go with Android, but they didn’t, so whether Nokia Windows Phone smartphone will prove to be the saviour of Nokia remains to be seen as only time will tell.

Thus if you are one of the Nokia or Microsoft faithful that has been patiently awaiting the arrival of the first lot of Nokia branded Windows Phone 7 devices it appears you don’t have that much longer to wait, unless unforeseeable delays happen of course.

So are any of our readers hoping to snap up a Nokia Windows Phone once they become available, and if so what attracts you to Nokia and the Windows Phone OS over Android and iOS? We’d love to know so feel free to voice your opinions to our comments area below.


2 thoughts on “Nokia Windows Phone Device Delivery Starts Sept”

  1. Dean Fredericks says:

    Yes, Im a long time nokia user, And im interested in Nokia Windows Phones.

    1.Windows Phone 7 – unique and refreshing user experience
    2.Nokia build quality – a nicely designed hand set
    3.Nokia Maps – the best navigation software should be faster and smoother than ever on WP7 4.Camera – A camera worthy of replacing compact point and shoot.

  2. I am a nokia fan i feel there designs & build quality out do all others whos phones all look very similar.
    so far as the os is concerned im looking forward to it my experiances with android are not great lots of little things which bugged the hell out of me so WP7 will hopefuly prove to be the better option.
    and then all the other bit you get from nokia the excelent camera, the FM transmitter, Nokia maps, the ovi music store, and WP 7 will also bring xbox live to these things i say its looking pretty bright.

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