iPad 3 & iPhone 4S Release Dates: New Faster Processors

New reports in suggest that a new Apple iPhone 4S and the iPad 3 are definitely coming, new release dates and faster processors to boot should pull you a little closer to the edge of your seats.

The new iPhone 4S is going to debut / Release, call it what you may October 7 and the Apple iPad 3 will release early spring of 2012. We have all got to hope that tipsters Macotakara and TiPB are both right in their findings, time will tell as they say so we will call this a rumour until official confirmation.

The iPhone 4S will be based on the iPhone 4 CDMA that was released by Verizon, the new iPhone will be manufactured in September and release in October, lovely if all true. If this is all true that means Apple will release two new iPhones this year of 2011, will we all be seeing a new iPhone 4S as well as an iPhone 5 release?

The iPhone 4S will look the same as the iPhone 4, but with a little something special under the bonnet (Hood), this special something will be a faster processor and much better cameras, oh we nearly forgot to mention it will come at a lower price than the iPhone 4. The iPhone 5 will have a higher price tag than the 4S.

The low price and the high price iPhones, this will be great for all customers, love that and well done if all true Apple.

The iPad 3 will release with apparently, and we do stress this word “apparently” with 2048 x 1536 Retina Display, we thought we would dig a little deeper and came across CENS who talks about the iPad 3 and the possibility of it coming with the new A6 processor.

TSMC is tipped to be the one’s who are putting it into trial production of the new ARM-based silicon, using 28nm production processes and innovative 3D stacking construction. So the iPad 3 release date being Spring 2012 featuring the A6 SoC, we will keep you all update on all 3 Apple products, release dates and of course specs.

Join us on Facebook, Twitter or my personal Google+ where I will personally keep you notified. Whilst you wait for updates please do comment in the area provided below, do you think that there will be a new Apple iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S this year and a new Apple iPad 3 spring of next year? Keep coming back becuase this is going to get very interesting indeed, even we are getting a little over excited now.

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