iPhone 5 Gets Unboxed On Video But Is It Real

Well, with not all that long to go hopefully until Apple deems fit to unleash onto the iOS faithful the next generation iPhone, the rumours and purposed iPhone 5 sightings seem to be hitting the net waves quite rapidly, and now a couple of days ago it appears a video has popped up teasing all Apple followers with an unboxing of a “real iPhone 5.”

Of course whether the iPhone 5 featured in the unboxing video footage is real or fake is up for discussion. The real iPhone 5 unboxing video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Zagg, and delivers just over a minute and a half of a guys called Jake who claims he’s getting hold of the new iPhone 5 and sets about unboxing the iOS device.

Apparently Jake claims he got the iPhone 5 from “a source that shall not be named,” nothing unusual there then, and then takes the much sought after handset out of the box and quite casually says, “just looking at it, definitely just looking at it, the screen is bigger for sure.”

I mean come on, if you had the first iPhone 5 in existence and where doing an unboxing for the whole mobile world to see, wouldn’t you be somewhat excited? Not this guy apparently as he seems quite matter-of-fact when he comes to handling what he is trying to push off as the first time anyone sees a real iPhone 5, which leads me to believe this guy is pulling someone’s chain.

Still I guess I could be wrong and he could actually have a real iPhone 5, but if he has and Apple has seen this video then I’m sure they will be soon knocking on his door with the acceptable quantity of lawyers in tow.

However as it stands, mainly due to the guys ‘couldn’t-really-care-less attitude to what should be the first unboxing of the world’s most talked about and rumoured device, I believe this video is a fake, fraud, sham, hoax, or whatever else you’d like to call it.

So anyway, head on down and mash that play button and check out this supposed unboxing footage of the “real iPhone 5,” and then hit our comments area below to let us know if you think the device is the real deal or not…enjoy.


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