BlackBerry Bold 9930 Now Available To Purchase From Verizon

For those over in the good old US of A who may have been waiting to snap up the BlackBerry Bold 9930 from the Big Red, you just might like to know you can now purchase the Bold 9930 from Verizon online by hitting up their recently posted web page.

According to the guys over at Crackberry, Verizon is now offering the BlackBerry Bold 9930 to the BlackBerry faithful for a price of $249.99 when signing your life away for the usual two-year term with free overnight shipping and free activation.
However it you wish to purchase the BlackBerry Bold 9930 without that obligation then the Blackberry OS 7 toting handset will hit your pocket for a rather hefty $509.99.

The guys also say that some report getting the RIM device for $199.99 but apparently the difference is due to a discount for those that have an NE2 upgrade.

So if you are sitting on the fence pondering whether you should or shouldn’t snap up the BlackBerry Bold 9930 from Verizon, here’s the specs, a 2.8-inch touch screen with liquid graphics, physical QWERTY keyboard, a 5 megapixel auto-focus camera with LED flash and 720p video, 1.2 GHz processor, WiFi, Hotspot capability, Bluetooth, voice activated universal search, 3.5mm jack, 8GB internal storage, and microSD expansion up to 32GB and of course BlackBerry OS 7.

Here’s what the Verizon website says about the handset…” The thinnest—ever,BlackBerry® Boldâ„¢ 9930 smartphone is beautifully built to combine the iconic BlackBerry® QWERTY keyboard with a brilliant, 24—bit high—res touch screen and precision—based optical trackpad. Enjoy fluid touch screen navigation with proprietary Liquid Graphicsâ„¢ technology. Up to 40% faster browsing with the most powerful engine to date in a BlackBerry smartphone.”

So there you have it, anyone that has been waiting to pick up the BlackBerry Bold 9930 from Verizon can now do so, are you one of them?

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