iPhone 5 To Account For Half Of 2H11 Apple Orders

Looks like Apple is gearing up with great expectations for the next generation iPhone, a device that no doubt is guaranteed to be a huge success and as such have revised their iOS smartphone orders for the second half of 2011, raising said orders by 15-20 percent.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo, Chinese site Digitimes, the order volumes include the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and of course the iPhone 5, taking Apple’s orders from 50 million up to 56 million for the second half of the year.

Apparently Q3 orders for the iPhone 5 have been lowered to 5.5-6 million, which is down from the original 7 million, however apparently the iPhone 5 will account for roughly half of that 56 million, which means somewhere between 25.5-26 million handsets.

Furthermore according to the unnamed source total shipments of iPhone units in 2011 will hit the 95 million mark.

Well I think Apple shouldn’t have too much of a problem shifting 26 million iPhone 5 handsets considering the vast interest in the next generation iPhone, that is of course if manufacturers can actually churn them out fast enough.

It does show those that the iPhone 3GS is still part of the Apple production line and isn’t yet destined for the smartphone scrap yard, what is interesting though is that there’s no mention of a lower end less expensive iPhone amongst those figures, which seems kind of strange considering the rumours are Apple will release a cheaper iPhone.

So one could guess that either Apple has put the handcuffs on anyone stating anything about a less expensive iPhone or the rumours could be completely wrong and no cheaper iPhone will surface alongside the iPhone 5, what do you think?

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