Apple May Battle Google By Acquiring Nokia, RIM and IDCC Patents

Well now it appears that the news that Google is to acquire Motorola Mobility will cause Apple to retaliate possibly by acquiring patents from the likes of BlackBerry maker Research In Motion, Nokia and IDCC according to an analysts.

According to a report over on Economy news, Jefferies analysts have stated that Google’s move on Motorola Mobility has “significantly hurt the ability of Apple to pressure the Android ecosystem.”

Apparently a note on Apple Inc from Jefferies states, “MMI in our view had the broadest and deepest patent portfolio amongst the wireless players. We believe AAPL’s large cash position gives it significant flexibility to respond with its own acquisition. We believe NOK, IDCC, and RIM’s patents are potential targets.”

Therefore Jefferies expects Apple as a countermeasure to take a close look at the potential of “the remaining IP portfolios which are at Nokia RIM and IDCC,” and says “We expect AAPL to focus on wireless patents that are truly essential and part of the standards. We believe AAPL is a licensee of NOK and pays significant royalties for cross-licensing. We believe NOK likely has at least 50 essential 4G patents and likely over 100 essential 3G patents.”

Apparently Google opted for MMI’s patent portfolio rather than IDCC’s and thus Apple might be interested, but the price would be the key.

It seems that the mobile space is no longer about delivering exceptions smartphones to the user but rather who can shout the loudest when it comes to owning tech patents. Obviously this patent war between Android and iOS is looking to get more and more heated and no doubt will continue for quite some time.

Personally I think both Apple and Android should pack in all this patent palaver and get back to doing what they do best and that is delivering good handset to the public, but then it doesn’t matter what the public things when it comes down to this face to face confrontation between the two giants of the mobile space, as it appears they will continue until one is pronounced the victor.

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