HP TouchPad Sales Dismal Best Buy To Return Unsold Tablets

I think the word would be ouch, as you probably know from previous reports on the net waves the webOS table from the HP camp, the HP TouchPad despite HP wanting the first webOS 3.0 tablet to be a major success has suffered from rather poor uptake, well actually sales of the slate seem to be quite dismal.

According to the guys over at AllThingD, they have heard from “sources familiar with the matter” so unnamed sources then, say they have seen internal HP reports that shows that Best Buy took delivery of some 270,000 of the tablets and thus far has only managed to shift a rather pitiful 25,000, which is under 10 percent.

Furthermore a second source that claims to have seen Best Buy sales figures for the HP TouchPad says the figures are “consistent with what I have seen,” and commented that the 25,000 sales could even be a charitable figure, and suggested that the figure may not include any tablets that customers have returned for refund.

These unnamed sources also state that Best Buy is quite unhappy with the situation and as a result is not willing to store the remained of the HP TouchPad tablets in their warehouses and requires HP to take them all back.

Apparently HP isn’t too happy with the situation either but wants Best Buy to be more patient, and word has it that an exec from HP, possibly exec vice president Todd Bradley may pay a visit to Minneapolis to talk with Best Buy execs.

It doesn’t stop there though as apparently the head of the Envisioneering Group, analyst Rich Doherty says that the TouchPad is also failing to catch on at WalMart, Fry’s and Microcenter, with HP’s “wildcat pricing moves” causing customers to wait to see what happens with the TouchPad over the next few months.

Doherty told AllThingsD, “After the initial surge of interest after the July release, all those price promotions have caused consumers interested in buying a TouchPad to pause because they think the price is going to fall further.”

So there you go, it just goes to show that perhaps continually dropping the price of a device doesn’t necessarily lead to massive sales, perhaps HP should go back to the drawing board with the webOS HP TouchPad and see if they can come up with something more appealing to the public.

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