Apple iPad 3 Trial Production Starts In Oct

Well now for all those that may have expected the next generation iOS tablet to come out to play sometimes soon, although you are going to have to wait until early next year for the slate to come out to play, the word is Apple is working with component suppliers and assemblers in Asia for a trial production run sometime in October.

According to an article over on the Wall Street Journal, “people familiar with the situation” state Apple is looking to stay ahead of rivals and as a trial production run of the next generation iPad will take place in October.

The unnamed source say said that Apple has ordered “key components” such as chips and display panels for the iPad 3 and is aiming to launch the new iOS tablet early 2012. However Carolyn Wu a spokesperson for Apple in Beijing declined to comment on the subject.

Apparently according to a component supplier of the unnamed variety says that Apple has already ordered parts for in the region of 1.5 million Apple iPad 3 units for the 4th quarter, with the source saying, “Suppliers will ramp up production and try to improve the yield rate for the new iPad in the fourth quarter before its official launch in early 2012.”

Although Hon Hai Precision, the company that assembles the Apple iPad when asked for a comment also declined to answer, but then does anyone really expect anyone to answer when it comes to Apple gear?

Anyway once Apple’s suppliers do start that trail production we just might get to learn more about the specs of the Apple iPad 3 and who knows perhaps a picture or two of the new slate may find its way out of the production premises and onto the net waves as these thing usually have a way of happening before Apple would like.

So there you go, iPad 3 production trial run October for a release sometime early in 2012, just how early next year that may turn out still remains a mystery as does much about the new iOS slate, more as and when we hear.

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