iPhone 4 Against Ice Cream Sandwich Video Battle

Okay, firstly I have a confession, this video isn’t exactly what you might be expecting when thinking of Ice Cream Sandwich, and no doubt you are expecting to see Android’s latest operating system go up against iOS on the iPhone 4, but this isn’t really the subject of the humorous video you can view below.

Now that’s out the way, the New Ice Cream Sandwich versus iPhone 4 comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Phandroid and by way of the Phone Cats YouTube page and delivers two and a half minutes of well an unboxing, or unwrapping whichever you wish to call it.

Obviously no one has had a sniff at what Ice Cream Sandwich really looks like but the guy in the video really does his best to compare Ice Cream Sandwich with iOS on the iPhone 4 and the guys even gives you a 360 on the package.

Intrigued enough to forget about me rambling on and jump straight to that video footage? Well if you have then you’ll obviously know by now that it isn’t actually “Android Ice Cream Sandwich” in the footage but rather an ice cream bar, that’ll teach you to jump ahead with excitement, and sorry about the image above but I couldn’t resist.

I do have to say I also fell for the title of the video presuming someone had managed to get to grips with Google’s latest Android operating system, so I thought I’d pass the footage along to our curious readers.

However the best big I have to say is when the guy smashes the ice cream sandwich into the face of the iPhone 4 making it all sticky, and of course the guy saying one of these isn’t going to be around for long, of course you can take that little remark anyway you wish depending on whether you are one of the iOS or Android faithful.

That’s your lot, just a quick humorous video for this Friday afternoon, so head on down if you haven’t already done so and check it out…enjoy.

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