Nokia N8 Symbian Belle Preview Videos

Phones Review Video Quickie: For the Nokia and Symbian faithful out there we have a little treat for your viewing pleasure below, a collection of five Nokia N8 running Symbian Belle preview videos that show off the new Symbian operating system features

The three Nokia N8 running Symbian Belle preview videos come out way courtesy of My Nokia Blog and YouTube user Camb078 and along with YouTube user sslazio, and in total delivers just about nineteen minutes of Symbian Bella action on the Nokia device.

Unfortunately though none of the videos deliver any real commentary so you basically just have to make do with the visual. The 5 videos cover Home screen Widgets and Notifications bar, Symbian Belle MP4, Web browser, Photo Gallery, and Menu Folders and Search.

Apparently quite a few people installed a leaked version of Symbian Belle onto their Nokia N8 handsets and these guys uploaded the videos so everyone could see how the operating system fairs.

Other than that there’s not really much to say other than if you are a Symbian fan and have been thinking about installing the leaked Symbian Belle then head on down and mash those play buttons to check out the footage.

Personally I’m not really into Symbian as I consider the operating out of date, and an OS that has been left behind by iOS and Android, but there are those diehard fans out there that may enjoy watching a little Symbian Belle goodness so feel free to do so…enjoy.

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