HP Touchpad Tablet Needs Android To Survive: Best Buy Cuts

HP is discontinuing support for webOS devices, and this includes the HP TouchPad Tablet. This is where we implore all developers to release Android for it to survive.

We mentioned a while back about the Best Buy Fail advert saying that the HP TouchPad featured Android 3.0 Honeycomb, maybe they were onto something because if HP are discontinuing support for webOS devices surely Android is needed for the tablet to survive.

Best Buy in Canada is now offering the HP TouchPad Tablet 16GB and 32GB versions with amazing price cuts, the 32GB version is now on sale for only $149, and the 16GB HP TouchPad is priced at a very low $99, the 16GB is now all sold out and the 32GB is out of stock.

It seems that WebOS is dying a slow death and with Google / Motorola things will only but get worse for many companies trying to make it with its operating systems, iOS and Android are the key players in the smartphone and tablet sector, time for a change HP darlings.

The HP TouchPad is now the case of RIP and with Best Buy prices cuts as well as other online retailer cuts and of course sold out and out of stock showing up it looks like HP needs something special, HP TouchPad with Android operating system would be good.

We do not know a lot about porting but surely the TouchPad can be upgraded with the Android OS on board, this would surely make it a great addition for sales.

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3 thoughts on “HP Touchpad Tablet Needs Android To Survive: Best Buy Cuts”

  1. Sean Powell says:

    If Android decided to take over and create/update the software then it would still have a fighting chance. Honestly I just bought one today so I could mainly use it as an ereader for school, I wouldn’t mind getting a netflix app for it, but thats what I have my iphone for. I guess we just get to wait and see what is decided. If they get rid of webOS then I hope that everyone who has a touchpad can have the benefit of getting the newest Android system.

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