HP TouchPad Tablet Sale: Where To Buy From

Is the HP TouchPad Tablet going to be the case of “RIP”? Not a chance is what we say, this device has seen more attention than any other product over the last few days especially when it comes to price cuts.

Many have said that the HP TouchPad is dead in the water, but we beg to differ here, we say this because since the tablet saw price cuts online they have been selling out ultra fast, you can still buy them at the $300 mark up but for the lower prices you will have serious problems finding the deals that once were.

For example Best Buy was one of the first to offer the 32GB HP TouchPad for $149, and the 16GB for $99 and now they are out of stock, and then today we reported that Barnes & Noble was selling the 16GB version for only $101.95 for the black 1.2GHz, 16GB Memory, WiFi HP TouchPad Tablet.

We have searched high and low online for similar price guides for this tablet and we cannot find anywhere at all, surely we are missing something here and that there are sales somewhere, this is where we call out to all Phones Review readers.

We have searched Target, RadioShack, Walmart, Amazon, Woot and many more and found no price cuts at all with some of the named online retailers not even having them. You can check out eBay as they have many with prices from $80, bids are rising fast though so cannot se you getting one now at $100 or less, if you do please let us know.

HP TouchPad RIP is not going to happen, this is a very popular device because there is great hope that the Android operating system will get ported to it soon, the new team project is called TouchDroid and you can read more about that right here.

Please do let us know of you purchased the HP TouchPad Tablet via a sale for under $100, and if you know of anywhere that has sales going on for this device please do let us know how much and where online, thanks


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