White HP TouchPad, Android 2.2.1 Dump & Order Complaints

It is that time for the HP TouchPad news, this tablet has caused a little bit of a stir across the world, especially if you are trying to get your hands on one and of course all those that have ordered cancellations are occurring.

Today we can report that a white HP TouchPad has popped up online, it is near enough impossible to get your hands on a black one not alone trying to get a white one, but we thought we would share with you anyway.

Thanks to WebOS Roundup they have spotted the white HP TouchPad, and they have an image gallery to prove it.

The black version is touching impossible to obtain, and for those that did manage to get one we advise you keep them as the Android operating system is coming.

If you visit RootzWiki you will see that they have announced the new Android 2.2.1 Dump from HP TouchPad Team TouchDroid and Jiwanish, please remember that this is not a ROM so no need to ask how to flash it at this point, but it is a start.

HP TouchPad News Recap: Many online retailers such as Best Buy, Target, Barnes & Noble and many more have all sold out and now out of stock, that is fair enough but what is a nightmare is to those that ordered their HP Tablet only to receive an email saying that their order has been cancelled, this has caused many complaints to roll in.

Yesterday we asked our readers about HP TouchPad Tablet PC orders being cancelled and so far we have had 55 comments of complaints, here are a few but you can read all of them right here:

One Reader Commented: “Ordered from BN, they tied my money up for 4 days so far, and gave me a shipping date like 4 hours after placing my order for 8/24, when I checked my order status… sealed deal right? SO I went ahead and purchased accessories for it… just to receive a cancellation e-mail 3 days later. Not only did they deprive me of my money for the time, but also gave me misleading information, which prompted me to purchase accessories, on which I now will have to eat the restocking fees, and some, I am not able to return, because, the vendor informed me “before” my purchase, “ALL SALES ARE FINAL”

Barnes and Noble screwed many customers, robbed them of the opportunity like myself, to look elsewhere for the HP Touchpad, by confirming our orders, based on that it mentioned that our accounts wont get charged until our item is ready for shipment, and that we were not able to make any changes to our order when checking on our order status, because it was locked for shipment.

BN, you lost me as a customer for life, because of poor ethics, and lack of costumer compensation…

As for the multi Nook Color spam you were sending me for the 3 days it took you to cancel my order… already own one, but will retire it, and will NOT recommend it to anyone else anymore, based on the way you treated me as a costumer, and others.”

Another reader said “Ordered mine from Staples & Barnes & Noble to have it cancelled the next day.

I also stood in line at the best buy in fair oaks Mall in Fairfax Virginia Sunday Morning and was told they had 30 of them by a store employee to watch all the employees walk out with them in blue bags and with their uniforms on after an employee meeting and then the managers a male and female came out to tell us they were all gone because the employees were allowed to buy them.

I waited in line for 3 hours, and the male manager said that’s it sorry people, I was number 2 in line. The thing that ticked me off is that the employees got them during an employee meeting and made no attempt to hide them when they came out of the store, they were all smiling and laughing at us.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Same thing here only from a very large business dealer INSIGHT that stated over selling it when i was told by my rep they had over 615 were in stock. Not only that but when he clicked to buy he actually saw the REALTIME number drop. I work in inventory systems and whole sale so I know how it works. I was on the list 1 day before they even went to the reduced price as well and no one was buying them at the 400$ mark. Then after I saw the hit to my credit and purchased accessories 3 days later I had a call from my rep with bad news that we did not get them and they over sold by 6000 units. Lie Lie and Lie. Think I will buy 150 computers 4 servers and hardware where the company has ethics and a real inventory system that works.
    If you see eBay you will know where they are. And most have been bought by either the company its self or employees. Not overly upset but I still do not have my money back.

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