Mobile Phone Network Problems & Tips During Hurricane Irene Path

Hurricane Irene has hit the U.S very hard indeed and this has prompted mobile phone networks to act fast and prepare, even though these preparations’ were put into place we would like to ask you if you had any network problems at all during Hurricane Irene.

U.S. wireless phone network companies such as Verizon, AT&T and Sprint have millions of customers and they prepared for Hurricane Irene because of the possibility of networks being clogged by millions of emergency phone calls, especially after the earthquake in Virginia.

These companies got into place generators, recovery teams and supplies to help with outages etc, Hurricane Irene is one of the most powerful Atlantic storm to hit U.S. since 2005 according to Bloomberg, the hurricane Irene center has moved away from Florida and is now lashing the Carolina coast.

CNET have compiled a tips list of what wireless operators suggest you do before and during the storm, here is the list:

Before The Storm:
– Keep phones, batteries, chargers and other equipment in a dry, accessible location. Consider waterproof accessories or simple zip-lock storage bags to protect devices.
– Distribute wireless phone numbers to family members and friends.
– Use a service to back up and store your phone’s address book on a secure server in case the phone is lost or damaged.
– Document storm damage using a camera.
– Download weather and safety-related apps for smartphones, tablets and other devices.
– Keep wireless phone batteries fully charged–in case local power is lost–well before warnings are issued.
– Have additional charged batteries and car-charger adapters available for backup power.
– Program a list of emergency numbers–police and fire agencies; power and insurance companies; family, friends and co-workers; etc.–into your cell phone.
– Take advantage of location-based mapping technology to help find evacuation routes.

During The Storm:
– Forward your home phone calls to your wireless number if you evacuate.
– Check weather and news reports on wireless phone applications when power is out.
– Limit non-emergency calls to conserve battery power and free up wireless networks for emergency agencies and operations.
– Send brief text messages rather than voice calls for the same reasons as above.
– Communicate and update friends and family via social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Please do let us know if you have had any problems since and during Hurricane Irene in the commenting area provided below, thank you.

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