Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Note 5.3 Not Headed For US

Well now here’s a bit of news that might be somewhat of a disappointment to some our American cousins over the pond. As you probably know, old Sammy has just unveiled a couple of new devices to their Galaxy range, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3.

Well the word is according to an article over on Gottabemobile, it appears that neither the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 nor Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3 will be coming to US shores, as old Sammy has no plans to launch the devices stateside.

Apparently the guys asked a Samsung spokesperson during the media event who responded that the company has no plans to sell the Galaxy Tab 7.7 in the US. However to get some confirmation on the Android devices the guy from Gottabemobile sent a text to the rep as asked for clarification.

Here’s the text and response…”Me: ”You Mentioned that there’s no plans to launch the new tablet in the U.S. at Showstoppers. Can you please clarify if u were referring to the Note or the 7.7?”

Her: “Both.”

So there you have it, it would appear that both the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3 will not be releasing in the USA, although no reason was offered as to why Samsung has decided not to offer the Android devices there.

Of course who’s to say hat will happen further down the line, but perhaps for now Samsung is holding off due to the constant patent fight with Apple, but if anyone in the good old US of A has a hankering for one of the devices it looks like they’ll need to go the importing route to get one.

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