iPhone 5 Prototype Lost In Bar Is Make Believe Apparently

Well now, as they say, any news concerning Apple gear is big news, and apparently the details don’t necessarily have to be correct. Yesterday the net was awash with a report that mirroring the iPhone 4 prototype lost in a bar scandal of last year, another Apple employee managed to loss a purported iPhone 5 prototype in a bar.

However, apparently that little bit of juicy new may not have been correct. According to an article over on Ubergizmo, by way of Business Insider who debunks the original Cnet report that the iPhone prototype had been lost.

Here’s why, In the original article it was claimed that Apple tracked the “lost iPhone prototype” ot a residence in Bernal Heights, and Apple investigators along with officers of the San Francisco police department attended and the home owner denied all knowledge of the missing iOS prototype.

Well apparently Peter Jamison of SF Weekly, contacted the San Francisco police to corroborate the story, and apparently the police have no record of the matter.

Furthermore, officer Albie Esparza, a spokesman for the San Francisco police said, “I talked to CNET. I don’t know who his source is, but we don’t have any record of any such an investigation going on at this point.”

So it seems either Cnet’s source is more in the know when it comes to missing Apple gear or the source got it completely wrong, or Apple has somehow managed to keep a lid on the matter by getting any record of said supposed investigation removed, which is somewhat unlikely.

Thus if the cops didn’t attend the home in Bernal Heights with Apple investigators as reported, it throws a large cloud of doubt over the entire story don’t you think, and obviously Apple is remaining mum on the whole matter so we may never know.

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