Android Ice Cream Sandwich First Possibly Jelly Bean After

We all know that the next operating system to be delivered from the Google camp will be Android Ice Cream Sandwich, an OS that will be for both smartphones and tablets, but what about the operating system after Ice Cream Sandwich, will Google continue to go with their sweet naming, an dif so what will the next Android OS be called?

Well according to the guys over at This Is My Next, they have heard from a “trusted source” that there is a possibility that the next version of Android could be known as “Jelly Bean,” although there is no word on what version number the Jelly Bean OS will be, as it is still unclear what version number Android Ice Cream Sandwich is.

Furthermore, according to said unnamed “trusted source,” all that “game changing” gear that will be included in Android Ice Cream Sandwich is also being pushed to Android Jelly Bean, but having said that, there is no word on just what those “big features” might be.

Rumour has it that the Samsung Nexus Prime will be the first smartphone to come out to play with Android Ice Cream Sandwich in tow, and recently Eric Schmidt let it be known that Ice Cream Sandwich will be out sometime in October or November.

However, the guys say that although “Jelly Bean” is in the running for the next OS name apparently the Google guys have yet to make a firm decision on the matter, but as desert handles with the letter “J” are somewhat slim, “Jelly Bean” looks like a reasonably solid option.

So there you go, what do our Android readers out there think of “Jelly Bean” as the next Android operating system, and can you come up with a better option with the letter “J”? If so we’d love to know your suggestions for naming the next Android OS so feel free to post them to our comments area below.


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