iPhone 5 May Not Sport Larger Screen Claims Analyst

Yet more speculation over the upcoming next generation iPhone today, there have been many rumours over the iPhone 5 and what it would look like and what new features the iOS smartphone may sport and one such rumour was that the iPhone 5 might come out to play carrying a larger screen, however apparently that may not be the case according to one analyst.

According to a report over on Digital Spy by way of International Business Times, Apple may not increase the size of the screen on the next generation iPhone to compete with newer Android devices.

Apparently the rumour is Apple was looking to increase the size of the screen with the iPhone 5 to take on the larger screen Android smartphones such as the Motorola Droid Bionic and Samsung Galaxy S II, both packing 4-inch displays while the current iPhone 4 only has a 3.5-inch screen.

However apparently Andy Hargreaves, an analyst for Pacific Crest Securities said in a note to clients, “iPhone 5 component orders increased for FQ4 (Sept.) and FQ1 (Dec.); timing of orders continues to suggest an October launch. FQ4 orders for iPhone 5 increased ~700k; timing continues to suggest an Oct. launch. iPhone 5 screen size likely to be same as iPhone 4.”

Having said that, it has been known of course for analysts to get it wrong, but if Hargreaves is correct in his note, then it looks like the iPhone 5 may surface with the same size screen as the current iPhone 4. Naturally this should be treated as speculation as only Apple knows what the iPhone 5 actually looks like and for the time being they are not saying.

Popular belief along with recent rumour has it that the iPhone 5 will see release to the iOS faithful sometime early October, whether the iPhone 5 will sport a larger screen remains to be seen, but if the next generation smartphone does have the same screen as the iPhone 4 will this disappoint the iPhone faithful?


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