Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman Phone Reviewed On Video

The Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman is a feature phone designed with the music loving younger generation in mind who can’t really afford to purchase a more expensive smartphone and sports a 3-inch scratch resistant touch screen, and for those youngsters that might be considering the Mix Walkman we have a video review for your viewing pleasure below.

The Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman phone review video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Phone Arena who got to grips with the music orientated feature phone and delivers almost eight minutes of getting up close with the device.

Spec wise the Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman offers GSM 850/900/1800/1900, EDGE, and global roaming, a 3 megapixel camera without auto-focus or flash, video playback, FM radio with RDS, 100MB built-in memory, micros expansion up to 32GB, WiFi, Bluetooth, built-in Facebook and Twitter, a 3.5mm jack and a 1000mAh battery.

The guys say that the Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman phone measures 95.8 x 52.8 x 14.3mm and weighs in at 88 grams and is entirely made of plastic and thus has a rather cheap feel in the hand and the handset does have several drawbacks, however its low asking price of $120 on contract does make the device a bargain.

In conclusion the guys say that if you are in the market for an affordable phone that can double as a music player then the Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman might be the one you are looking for although there are other handsets just as cheap such as the Nokia X2 or LG Cookie Plus.

Anyway I’ll leave it right there and let you head on down to mash that play button and check out the review of the Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman phone and if you still haven’t had your fill you can always hit up Phone Arena for their full on written review…enjoy.


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