Apple Strikes Back At Samsung Sues In UK

And the bickering continues across continent and continent between Apple and Samsung, with Samsung recently suing Apple in France, Apple has now brought the patent infringement fight to UK shores and has apparently sued old Sammy in the United Kingdom.

According to the guys over at ZDnet, Samsung told them that Apple filed the complaint on Monday and is apparently a counter suit against Samsung, which was filed in the high court back in June.

Just what patents these cases involve is somewhat unclear as they have yet to be identified, but no doubt Apple will be going after Samsung Android smartphones and tablets since they won their case in Germany against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and gained a permanent ban of the Android 3.2 Honeycomb slate.

Basically the whole ridiculous battle is turning into a tit-for-tat fight that will sting things out for donkey’s and simply line the pockets of an army of lawyers on both sides, and of course if Apple is successful, deprive Android fans of obtaining Android based Samsung gear.

Personally I think the whole escapade is ridiculous and quite laughable as both are beginning to behave like children in an adult world and they should simply sit down with each other across a table and argue it out to get this all resolved whereby the public do not get affected by the loss of and tablet or smartphone.

Then again no doubt Apple is looking to shift some of its rivals out of the game so the iPhone and Apple iPad stand a better chance at grabbing back some of that lost market share to Android, perhaps Apple sees Android more of a threat than everyone thinks.


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