Apple iPad 2 3G Hits China Tomorrow

Despite popular belief Apple gear hasn’t saturated the entire globe just yet, well not when it comes to the 3G Apple iPad 2 anyway, but the Apple slate does hit another country as of tomorrow the 21st of September, as Apple as now confirmed they will offer the Apple iPad 3G in China as of Wednesday.

According to the guys over on The Next Web, the Apple iPad 2 3G will be made available to Chinese customers both online and in Apple retail stores and authorised retailers across China as of tomorrow.

Pricing for the aforementioned Apple iOS tablet in China began appearing on the Chinese Apple Store website early in the month although apparently customers were unable to order the device. According to the article those prices for the Apple iPad 2 3G in China are as follows…

The 16GB iPad 2 3G is apparently on par with US pricing and ill cost RMB 4,688, whilst the Hong Kong version comes in a tad cheaper due to the VAT and costs RMB 3,910, the guys say that the difference between the prices should be close enough to alleviate and smuggling problems.

Apple’s announcement falls nicely in line with Apple opening of their new Apple store in Nanjing East, Shanghai, which apparently Apple expects upwards of 40,000 visitors a day and are apparently employing some 300 staff.

So it looks like old Apple will again be drawing in a huge bundle of cash to bolster their coffers as no doubt the Apple iPad 2 3G will fly off shelves.

Of course, the way things are going in the patent fight between Apple and Samsung there’s always a chance that Samsung could take their fight against Apple to China, especially as the word is Apple is planning on launching the iPhone 5 there as well.

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