T-Mobile iPhone 5 Release Date Fail Disappointment

If you are a T-Mobile customer hoping to get the new Apple iPhone 5, then think again. This is most definitely the case of the T-Mobile iPhone 5 release date fail disappointment.

According to a leaked T-Mobile document, the carrier will not be getting the new smartphone this year of 2011. This is bad news considering we all thought that Apple was opening all US doors to supply the iPhone 5.

Cole Broadman, who is the T-Mobile Chief Marketing Officer, mentioned in the document and quote “We are not going to get the iPhone 5 this year.”

This document was first released over on Tmo News, new products and services will be released to keep up with customer interest but the iPhone 5 will not be one of them. We always take the above news with a pinch of salt until official announcements have been made.

This document has not been verified by anyone as of yet, so you can still hope that T-Mobile will be releasing the iPhone 5 some time this year.

We reported back in August that T-Mobile might get their hands on the iPhone 5, but this was just a rumour just like the rest of the iPhone 5 news.

So if we sit back for one minute and the above information is true that the iPhone 5 will not be coming to T-Mobile, there is nothing to say that T-Mobile will not be getting the iPhone 4S, so there is hope.

We know for a fact that Verizon and AT&T will sell the iPhone 5, but solid information is still needed if Sprint and T-Mobile will get it. Please keep coming back as we will have more information as soon as we receive it.

Just a quick question, will T-Mobile lose customers and stability if they do not get the Apple iPhone 5?


2 thoughts on “T-Mobile iPhone 5 Release Date Fail Disappointment”

  1. Accun68 says:

    I have been a T-Mobile customer (on and off) since 2003. I chose T-Mobile because of the affordable rate plans. Frankly, I am disappointed that they do not offer the iPhone. when I heard that Verizon and Sprint were going to be offering the iPhone I thought that naturally T-Mobile would be next in line. If T-Mobile doesn’t offer the iPhone soon, I will honestly consider moving over to Spring or Verizon.

  2. Trashaniellejenkins says:

    yes they will lose customers because they already have bad service and always over charging people so if they dont get this phone of course they will will lose customers because thats the phone most people are waiting on

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