iPhone 5 Disappointment Could Release Android Monster

Samsung is doing its very best to thwart Apple iPhone sales, as we all know Apple is set to make an announcement in October revealing the new iPhone 5 smartphone, and we know that this is big news. There are many factors to take on board when we title this article “iPhone 5 Disappointment Could Release Android Monster”.

First of all let’s mention the latest news covering lawsuits and bans, Samsung is trying its very darn hardest to ban the Apple iPhone 5 in Korea and today thanks to Phones Review colleague James, he has brought it to our attention that Samsung is also trying to kick Apple in the teeth by banning the Apple device due in October in Europe as well, if Samsung seeks for this ban and succeeds then it will be very damaging to Apple stocks and shares, as well as a lewd of angry customers.

Samsung is considering legal action to ban Apple’s new iOS smartphone across Europe; if this happens and they win we can see an Android monster being released that will blow all smartphone sales out of the water.

There are millions of iOS customers out there that swear by the Apple iPhone, and if the iPhone 5 misses its release in October or potentially never, then you will have a choice to make. The choices are simple really, do you stick with the iPhone 4, do you buy the iPhone 4 if you do not own already, or do you move on over to Android smartphones?

If and we do use this word in capital and bold letters “IF” Samsung wins the case of the iPhone 5 ban in Korea and Apple, what kind of Android smartphone will be released?

Google and its manufacturers such as Motorola, HTC, Samsung etc will have plans already set in motion if Apple loses.

An Android monster will be revealed, to add a blow to Apple they could release a smartphone with names such as Samsung Ultimatum, Motorola Five (What a dig that would be), Samsung Glory, these are all fun names and we would love for you to let us know a few of your ideas.

Personally we think that Samsung will not win the Apple iPhone 5 bans, especially in Europe. Just imagine how much money Apple would accumulate in sales of the iPhone 5, and of course how much tax the government would make on such sales. If all the above is hear say, you still got to look at the iPhone 5 features, what specs will it come with and will it be enough for customers not to sway towards Android? Just a thought.

The ban would not be feasible and Apple would find it within its power to punish Samsung in some way or form.

Please do let us know what you think of the above; please do have your say in the commenting area provided below. All comments most welcome, thanks.


2 thoughts on “iPhone 5 Disappointment Could Release Android Monster”

  1. Bardhok Ndoji says:

    There is no way i would move from iOS to android, even if i have to get stucked with 3GS. I gave android a chance by using 3 months Galaxy S2 and in my opinion comes no where close to iOS user experience. And i don’t think Samsung will have what it takes to take Apple down.

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