iPhone 5: Samsung May Try To Ban In Europe As Well

Well now, the other day we reported that old Sammy was finally attempting to strike back as Apple in the hardest way possible by trying to get their next generation iPhone banned in Korea, and now the latest word is Samsung may just try to put the boot into Apple a tad further and is considering seeking a ban on the iPhone 5 in Europe.

According to an article over on Phone Arena by way of Reuters, a source “familiar with the matter,” has stated that Samsung is considering legal action to ban Apple’s new iOS smartphone across Europe.

However, apparently the unnamed source wouldn’t elaborate any further on the subject while obviously Samsung says they will not comment on ongoing legal issues.

No doubt as previously reported Samsung will probably attempt any ban of the iPhone 5 or whatever the iOS handset ends up finally being called by using the same wireless technology related patents they intend to use in the Korean courts.

As you are no doubt aware, Apple has been snapping at Samsung’s heels in the legal arena for quite some time now, and gained first blood by winning a permanent ban of the selling of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany, and is trying to accomplish the same in several different countries.

Personally I feel its about time Samsung hit back hard at Apple rather than let Apple roll them over and have it all their own way, of course if Samsung is successful in getting a ban on the iPhone 5 no doubt many of the iOS faithful will be somewhat disappointed.

So it would appear that the legal fight between Apple and Samsung is going to continue for some time, and will no doubt intensify as it moves along, and possibly could see users on both sides being left out in the cold when it comes to both iOS and Samsung Android devices.

So what do our readers think about this, do you think Samsung has a chance of getting the iPhone 5 banned in both Korea and Europe?


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