iPhone 5 NFC Technology & LG Hardware: Reasons It won’t Happen

Lawsuits are coming in thick and thin at the moment, with Apple and Samsung being the forefront of the news. Things are getting very interesting indeed, especially when it comes to Samsung trying to ban all iPhone 5 sales in Korea once launched. iPhone 5 NFC Technology & LG Hardware is something we believe will not happen.

The latest news comes via a Samsung executive who has revealed a few details, obviously we have to take this with a pinch of salt for the moment, but nether the less this is all vary interesting indeed.

If you visit our previous article written by Phones Review colleague James, Korea Times reports that a Samsung executive has said the above as well as the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 will feature NFC technology and LG hardware, Samsung may take Apple to court over violations of wireless technology patents.

Apparently and of course we will treat this as a rumour for now, the Apple iPhone 5 smartphone will be released with NFC (Near Field Communications) technology, as well as an LG Innotek 8 megapixel camera, LG display and possibly an A5 processor made by Samsung.

Could the iPhone 5 really be released with NFC technology? Personally we think not because Google has just released its new Google Wallet platform, this new service is only available for the Nexus S 4G with Sprint, so we believe that Apple will not release NFC onto the iPhone 5 just yet, let others have the playing field first and Apple can play around to better things, you know like they always do.

If the iPhone 5 releases with NFC technology, surely iTunes would have to be connected all the time for it to work, which in our eyes is a little to weird.

There have been many rumours on and offline about the Apple iPhone 5, what features it will come with, release dates, official announcements etc and the whole truth will all be revealed by Apple themselves and no one else, so please be patient because we are top of this for you.

Whilst we all wait for official news etc, please do post all your comments below about patents, lawsuits, iPhone 5 features and so forth. Thanks

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