Nexus Prime With QWERTY Keyboard Possibility

It appears that if you want insight into possible news on the first Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone, the Samsung Nexus Prime, the place to go at the moment is Twitter where there have been several tweets on the latest handset from the Google guys, most recently one intimating Verizon will have the Samsung Nexus Prime as of the 3rd of November.

Now according to an article over on Android Community, another recent tweet from the same source, namely Tom Fleming, seems to give a hint that there could be a possibility of a Samsung Nexus Prime model that sports a built-in QWERTY keyboard.

Possibly insinuating that Fleming may have had his hands on such a device he tweeted the following…”The one with the keyboard is what I enjoy.”

Not as cryptic as the Nexus Prime release date tweet, but apparently it is enough to kick off rumours that there could be a two versions of the much talked about Android smartphone, a touch screen only version and a touch screen with QWERTY keyboard version.

However the guys do say that, as Android Ice Cream Sandwich is a touch screen only operating system without hardware buttons why would a user require a QWERTY keyboard apart for the obvious ease of typing of course.

Personally I do like a physical keyboard for bashing out texts and email and I am quite sure there are many that also love having a physical keyboard device, so perhaps the possibility of a QWERTY keyboard Samsung Nexus Prime isn’t beyond the realms of reality, but as with all things, for now this should of course be classed as just a rumour.

So what are our readers views on this latest speculation, would you like to see a Samsung Nexus Prime come out to play packing a QWERTY keyboard? Feel free to voice your opinions to our comments area below.


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  1. I’m in a contract so I won’t be picking up a new phone for another year, but when I do get one you better believe it will have a QWERTY keyboard. People like me who have large hands tend to have issues using those on screen keyboards for anything smaller than a 10″ tablet in landscape mode.

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