iPhone 5 Offered on eBay Canada?

Over the past few months there have been many rumours over the next generation iPhone, and as we draw close to that Apple event on the 4th of October obviously many more rumours and speculation on the iOS smartphone will appear, but even though it has yet to be confirmed that the iPhone 5 will release, someone has already jumped the gun and listed the iPhone 5 for sale on eBay no less.

According to the guys over at Ubergizmo, eBay Canada user coltsfan895 has now slapped up a page offering the iPhone 5 for purchase, apparently being a 32GB iPhone 5 on AT&T and with one year Apple Care.

The asking price for the iPhone 5 although the device not existing yet is set at a rather hefty $1,139.98, and the seller says, “As you may now, the phone is not out yet and has not yet been announced, but it is about 99% like it will be coming out on October 7th, 2011. Whenever it does come out, I should get it either the day it comes out or the day after and ship it straight to you.”

Obviously no specs for the iPhone 5 have been posted with the listing simply because the seller doesn’t know the specification as do none of us really, and just how this person decides the iPhone 5 is 99 percent likely to release on the 7th of October I’m not too sure, but probably just a wild guess.

It’s not too clear how the seller can also practically guarantee they will be able to get the iPhone 5 on the day of release or the day after, perhaps they have some insider contact that can make sure they are amongst the first lucky one to get the smartphone.

Having said that, coltfan895 does have a 99.3 percent positive feedback score along with a feedback score of 530, so maybe they are genuine and can get hold of the iPhone 5 as soon as it releases, however as this is Apple its probably best to just wait until Apple unveils the iPhone 5 before jumping into any auction.


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