Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer (HID-C10) Lowest Price: Update

We always try and find a bargain and we think we have found the perfect product for you, say hello to the Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer (HID-C10) with the lowest price online.

The Sony Dash HID-C10 Personal Internet Viewer is only $59.99 and with over 1000 free apps, Wi-Fi, 7-inch touch screen and stereo speakers you cannot go wrong.

This is a great product if you love the internet, but it more than that because you can say look at the Phones Review site on there for example, customize the Dash home screen to fit your own personal needs, loaded with Firmware versions 1.7.1254 to 1.7.1304, Instantly access a variety of full-length movies, TV episodes and videos from a large selection of entertainment apps and check out Netflix and YouTube direct.

You can also listen to the radio or play your favourite MP3s, have a look at all your photos and videos from online services such as YouTube and Photobucket etc.

Other features include: A clock, a snooze button, alarm sounds, over 1,000 apps provided by chumby industries, check out your social network sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc, or check the latest weather, traffic, sports, news, stock info, sky is the limit.

Play some games via applications, if you are not on the Internet and not playing around with your Sony Dash it can display photos via your Photobucket account.

Also comes with USB 2.0 interface, weighs 1.2 lbs and is 7.4375”(W) x 5.625”(H) x 2.375”(D) in size.

For more information please visit sellout.woot where you can buy the Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer (HID-C10) for only $59.99, be quick though because stock will sell fast.

If you already own one of these products please do send in your personal reviews, this will let other readers know if it is a good buy or a bad buy. Thanks

UPDATE: WOW fine minutes after we published this deal, units have already sold out. Sorry

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