Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Problems: Is Yours Cracking

If you own the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc we would love to know if you are having any problems, apparently a few customers are complaining that their handset is cracking.

After visiting The Inquirer, Sony Ericsson said, “”it’s not a warranty fault” and the manufacturer was “unaware of it”. They also mentioned that they have been made aware of the problem and a small number of Xperia arc smartphones have a hairline crack in the paintwork near the proximity sensor, which is located at the top of the handset.

This crack will not affect the phone from working in any way, the performance will not be affected either. If you are a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc owner and experiencing this problem, you can call 08705 237 237.

It seems those affected the most live in either Germany, UK, Netherlands and Italy, apparently these customers are not happy that they bought their mobile phone.

A few users were able to send their handsets back, but it has been said that the crack is not covered under the warranty. Sony Ericsson are not doing that great in sales in comparison to Apple and Android devices, so it would be in SE’s interest to act upon this as fast as possible.

We here at Phones Review are calling out to all Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc owners, we would love to know if you are experiences the cracking problem, in fact we would like to know if you are having any problems at all with this mobile phone.

If you are having any problems, please let us know what country you are in and what the problem is. The more information you give us the more we will understand each issue. Please use the commenting area provided below. Thanks

It is always good for manufacturers to get to the issues as quickly as possibly, a new iPhone 5 and possible iPhone 4S, as well as multiple Android devices coming out and Sony Ericsson will fall behind a great deal, so it really is a must they act upon this quick as we said above, it shows they are still in the running to provided a good service to customers. Come on guys, we all respect you


90 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Problems: Is Yours Cracking”

  1. Darren Robinson says:

    My arc has the crack. Running from slightly right of centre of the proximity sensor to the top of the phone. I’m in Ireland and bought the phone when it was released. Also the back cover makes a clicking noise when i hold it in my hand and type.

  2. I Purchased a Sony Ericsson Xxperia Arc the vedry first day it launched in India But I faced a lot of problems with the phone because 16k, 32K sims of Idea vodafone and No sims of BSNL works in the handset later on I had disposed the Handset in June2011. Has any body face similar problems

  3. annon says:

    Purchased an arc in july, found running programs kept crashing, network coverage also dropped in and out. dropped it in sept, wouldnt work, got it replaced with another arc and it kept switching itself off and on every minute of the day. now currently awaiting for my third arc in 4 months. would recommend no-one to go for this phone, the features,camera and animations are really nice but the phone doesnt work long enough for you to enjoy any of it, you cant rely on it. do not buy this phone. 

  4. Thomas says:

    Melbourne Arc here, less than 4 months of usage and theres the infamous hairline crack just above the proximity sensor. Its really gotten a bit bigger since i noticed it, phone hasn’t been dropped or any significant damage

  5. Dr Md.Ibrarullah says:

    My experia arc is just one wk old. The problem I face is- at times calling this phone from another number yields a response ” the phone u r dialing is switched off “. This is when the phone is very much on and I m able to make call from it. It starts responding and receives calls normally once I make call from my end.

  6. Kevin says:

    I have had my arc for about 6mths. I have noticed the crack mentioned above appear around the top sensor. I find my phone will often drop calls in mid conversation and so I need to redial. It sometimes freezes and needs to be rebooted and the touch screen is not always accurately responsive when using text. The low battery level warning is useless as the phone will switch itself off about 3 seconds after telling you the battery is getting low. The camera however is awesome. 

  7. Rikke says:

    Denmark, My Arc suddenly couldn’t charge, the problem came from one day till another. I delivered it to be fixed, and got the message back that they couldn’t fix it because of moist.
    I asked how that was possible, cause I have a cover on my phone and I never had it near water, not even out in the rain, and the phone is only 4 months old.
    I think it is a little strange that such a new phone has at moist problem without being near moist!

  8. Ammarbasalamah says:

    Singaporean Arc here… I got it since July and it just keeps crashing, android market having errors, drops calls after 2 minutes, and I also have the hairline crack thinggy on the proximity sensor. I had very high expectations for my Xperia arc. Suddenly it turns out to be like this.

  9. Andreas says:

    Swedish Arc, also with a crack next to the proximity sensor. Also experiencing a lot of dropped calls. Last call I made dropped three times in fifteen minutes.

  10. Beck says:

    Australian Arc, s/w is faulty to the point where it barely usable, speaker, alarm and touchscreen work intermittently, coverage and 3g bars consistantly drop out

  11. Cuarendy says:

    Irish Arc, I’ve got mine last week. My phone is facing some call drops as well, in a regular 10 minutes call it drops at least twice. Also, the camera is displaying a white blur on the left side whenever I take a picture. Besides, I was expecting more from this camera, it didn’t suprise me at all, my previous 5.0mp camera took pictures better than the 8.1mp Arc. Has anyone faced the white blur already?

  12. Ibrarullahm60@gmail.com says:

    Indian arc , a terrible experience.call drops, failure to connect, failure to accept calls, hanging r some of the regular occurences. Camera s d only redeeming feature. But, then one can ve a dslr cam for this price. A big let down frm sony.

  13. Mashbrohi says:

    United Kingdom ARC here, had this as soon as it was out, had numerous problems with it ever since. Biggest problem is i have to charge it ever so often may be twice in a day as the battery drains out. Second Problem is that when writing a message the touch screen will write it self letter you dont want it to write 🙁
    Lastly, the latest problem just come up is, displays,79 missed calls, 41 missed calls but when i check call log nothing there, it just makes it up 🙁 Oh how i wish i had just accepted the Iphone4 my hub was offering. Donot reccommend this phone at all, im just waiting for it to die so i can have another smart phone and this time i will see to it that it is from Apple alone!

  14. ograca says:

    Portugal here, Ihas my Arc as soon as it was out too. I hadany problem untill now. Today a just realize that my phone housing has cracked near the sensor. ÃŽt is just like it upened to others SE Arc users. The same crack in the same place.

  15. Laura says:

    I’ve had my Arc since June. Latest Andiord update seems to have resolved most of the OS issues but there are others. yes, I have the hairline crack. Also charging issues, I’m actually using my other half’s HTC charger as mine stopped working. The biggest irritation is this missed call issue. It usually happens when the phone has been charging. It says on the screen I have a missed call but once I unlock it doesn’t appear in the notification bar nor in the Call Log. A fault and there isn’t a missed call at all or are people calling me and it isn’t storing their details?

    Really annoying. 

  16. Manoj kapoor says:

    I am From India 

    i also am facing the same problems as Laura Defined .
    1 ) Crack on the Hairline.
    2) Charger stopped working .
    3) False Missed call alerts .
    4) when i charge , screen doesn respond , so during charging i cant use my phone .

  17. tech106 says:

    I bought my handset in Singapore. Midnight Blue. The hairline crack is around the sensor.
    Have problem with typing the keys. sometimes it seems that there is something wrong with the touchscreen as even though i am using my little finger to type, it doesn’t seems to recognise.

  18. Ia says:

    Greece. a disastrous phone. screen problems.  crashing all the time. cracks on the screen. low battery since the beginning. too slow writing. i sent it to Ericsson – athens after 1 1/2 months of buying it and they returned it without fixing it, saying it was my mistake! THIS IS NOT A MOBILE. THIS IS A LAPTOP. OR A VASE…IT NEEDS CARE ALL THE TIME AND BE PUT SOMEWHERE THAT HANDS DO NOT TOUCH IT. A COMPLETE FAILURE.  and so is ERICSSON AS A COMPANY.

  19. Jonesy87 says:

    Canada, hairline crack at sensor which goes to both the top of the phone and right to the screen below. Have had issues with the virtual keyboard not responding at times. Also, some people have tried to call me and my phone states Im not available when im sitting right next to it and its not in use

  20. Constantinos Evangelides says:

    Cyprus, Arc S, not even 10 days old, seems to have problem with proximity switch, screen stays black after calls, you have to remove the battery and turn it back on every time.

  21. Brunei Xperia Arc User says:

    Country Brunei

    Problem 1:
    When people call, totally unreachable like as if my phone was turn off but in real-time my phone itself is active with full signal bar. I even did a test on it, call my own SE Arc from the landline and the message i got from the landline is that this person is unreachable and ask me to try again.

    Problem 2:
    Incoming calls but no ringing(sometime). When making calls to ppl using speaker mode, no sound from the speaker but when the parties on the other line pick up the calls, then there will be sound/voice.

    Problem 3:
    Frequent line drop for no reason. making or receive calls – same thing. It can drop like 5 times in a row within a mins.

    Problem 4:
    When entering Gallery, the system doesn’t display pictures or movies, it just give u the background + some default gallery icon located on the top section of the phone.

    Problem: 5
    ppl claimed that they have sent me sms(many times) but i never receive. Not sure whether this is an provider problem or my phone.

    Problem 6:
    Crack Hairline + proximity Sensor problem.

    Problem 7:
    False miss calls / wrong number assignment to the contact ie. Mr A is registered with the number 12345 on my contacts book and Mr B is register with 67890 on my contact

    When Mr A sms me, the number shows “12345 + 67890”. A single contact with double number assign to the same caller or smser. I have try deleting and recreate the contact, doesnt work.

    I regret giving Sony Ericsson a second chance. This will be my last phone from them, if they don’t want to fix my phone.

  22. Rsabique says:

    From sri lanka
    I have crack just as the same from others, I think over heating is the cause. And arc heats up like no other phone I ever seen, I am afraid it might blow up sometimes.

  23. 123 says:


    I have problem after problem with this phone: It doesn’t automatically inform me when I have email on the secondary account (although it is set up to alert me).
    It freezes all the time, It get very hot when using some apps, I says it cannot load a web page because there is no internet connection regardless of it been 3G or WiFi. It losses it’s charge a lot faster than it should sometimes having to charge it upto 4 times a day.
    The touch keyboard oftern is unresponsive meaning by the time I have finished typing it puts a load of rubbish on the screen. It has had a factory reset several times and software update and this has not fixed any of the problems, infact last time made it worse where if I am in an app an push the home key it takes around a miniute to load the home screen to the point where I can do anything.

  24. Danny says:

    New Zealand Arc but parallel import from Hong Kong. 8 months old, no cracks what so ever, good battery life 3-4 days moderate use e.g. music 30 min a day at full volume, wifi 30 min a day to check fb & twitter. Barely crashes only twice a month it will crash because of an app. But one problem I have had recently is that even with a charge over 80% it would at random shut down and start up again, once it did it 4 times in 30 min. I used to have a W910i and it would also restart at random but would not start up again. 

  25. Campbellaliwoo says:

    I have a UK standard Xperia Arc, and mine has the hairline crack next to the sensor (which developed when it was about 2-3 months old), it seems to occasionally give false missed call notifications, and frequently gives false email notifications. Overall I still think it’s a great handset, but wish I’d opted for a Samsung Galaxy S2 instead.

  26. Tomjeff95 says:

    I have a UK xperia arc s, I’ve had it one month and when I’m in a call if I put the phone to my ear the screen freezes and the only way to sort it is take the battery out and restart the phone, it doesn’t happen everytime but I’d say about 80% of the time, foes anyone know how to solve this problem?

    1. Zeblue15 says:

      yer I have same problem…Its a faulty proximitry sensor (at top of mob). My sensor is constantly on after having a call. Spoke to tech guys with my point of purchase (phones4U) and they asked me to remove pre-installed film on screen and factory reset but nothing! Sony said to insure you have lastest build number installed (4.0.2.A.0.62) which i did, still no good.

      Back to point of purchase people/customer services and now expecting a new replacement, just outside 28 days from purchase but hopefully they will replace it….await to see. I also dscovered that if you dial *#*#7378423#*#* you can service test aspects of mob, incl proximitry sensor.

  27. Santhosh .D C says:

    I just got Xperia Arc S 5 days back here in India, the Display seems to be turning ON automatically for ever few minutes while charging and also not charging idle state and with or without Mobile Bravia Engine ON!

    Any fix guys?
    This is the first problem of this kind i am posting searched the whole net for the fix but can’t find any!

  28. S Jagtee says:

    my xperia arc is 2months old and already has the crack. it seems to be spreading as it is now more visibly clear!  also having overheating issues and poor battery life.  it’s amazing, my brother has the galxy s2, which has 2 cpu’s, and yet he gets better batterylife from the same amount of daily usage as my arc!
    sony has lost the plot, really wish i had opted for the S2!
    sony ericsson has lost a long time customer…

  29. Jane says:

    i’m from Malaysia, got this xperia arc s phone last month. i’m having problem with the photos & videos captured with my phone. the pictures are broken & videos cant be played, broken as well. what’s wrong with my phone? any solutions?

  30. ellzzrawrr says:

    I had a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S for one day. The WI after 30 minutes of use. I tried everything I could think of to fix it but I could never get it to work. Apparently, a lot of buyers have this problem and SE still hasn’t fixed it. It’s a shame because the Xperia Arc S could’ve made a great phone, not to mention I loved the design. In the end, I went for the Samsung Galaxy S, which although doesn’t look as good, its definitely much more trusty.

  31. Aders1_2 says:

    Crack Hairline near proximity Sensor problem
    It freezes all the time
    screen is unresponsive so many times
    although it is turned on and within coverage, people can’t reach me
    random reboots
    last time to buy a SE

  32. Erin says:

    UK arc. No problems except one. Suddenly it won’t pick up a wifi signal. The wifi turns itself off after about 30 seconds. Any help appreciated.

  33. Asif_fyp says:

    Sony Arc S- wish i never got it- I just got a 3rd one from Vodafone (UK) because the last 2 constantly would reboot. The wifi connection is crap as well, battery life is the worst and i am not a heavy user. Ive even asked vodafone to swap me a cheaper phone rather than sending a replacement but they wont. I chose this over the Samsung because i thought this would be a better more solid brand!! Ive had the 3rd phone 1 day and i swear i saw it switch itself off earlier..  but not sure as i was working. this time i havent put in any new applications. 

  34. Hans Orenlöf says:

    Har köpt en sony ericsson xperia arc  för en månad sen ,
    Skulle stänga av larmet en morgon , ingen funktion fungerade , utan fick stänga telefonen,
     när jag öppnade den igen ,fungerade inte skärmen , men en liten spricka dök upp, fanns inte innan.
    Nu fungerar inte telefonen alls ,
    Lämnade in den till phonefamily  Halmstad eurostop
    Vi skickade tel, till Anovo Nordic Ab för garantiutbyte av telefonen.
    Svaret vi fick , ingen Garanti utan kostad på mer än 2000 kr
    Phonefamily tar inget ansvar .
    tel kom tillbaks utan åtgärd med en ännu större spricka rakt över skärmen +
      350 kr som anovo önskar  om man inte reparerar den.
    Ångrar mig djupt efter detta köp.
      har  em    jurgen412@yahoo se

  35. guest says:

    Mine is awful, problem after problem (UK)! Has the hairline crack near the proximity sensor and has done from about month two, and it freezes ALL the time! I tried to call a friend during a concert and the song was finished by the time I got into my contacts to phone, it is so slow! Took it into the shop and they told me to update the settings on my computer….helpful as I don’t have a computer! Borrowed a laptop off my sister to update and it hasn’t made any difference at all. It cuts out mid call pretty frequently and the battery dies unbelievably quickly. I wish I’d never got it and now am stuck with it! I really like the look of it as well, it could be really good but some basic things let it down a lot

  36. Sarahfsho says:

    oon my arc when I tilt it to the side I can see little scratches on my phone screen which is odd when I have never dropped it and havea case to protect it from cracking .I now regret getting the arc then instead I should have got the galaxy note instead.

    1. Sticky39 says:

      mine has done that an i only had it a month, i have never dropped it or anything and now due to the cracks the screen dont work

  37. Zeblue15 says:

    I have a faulty proximitry sensor (at top of mob). My sensor is constantly on after having a call. Spoke to tech guys with my point of purchase (phones4U) and they asked me to remove pre-installed film on screen and factory reset but nothing! Sony said to insure you have lastest build number installed (4.0.2.A.0.62) which i did, still no good.

    Back to point of purchase people/customer services and now expecting a new replacement, just outside 28 days from purchase but hopefully they will replace it….await to see. I also dscovered that if you dial *#*#7378423#*#* you can service test aspects of mob, incl proximitry sensor.

  38. SEarc123 says:

    Bought my SE arc in Australia. Problems:Hairline crack near proximity sensor after 3 months.(Never dropped the phone) Phone freezes all the time.Can’t turn on phone after SE arc updates. 

  39. Chloe_alexandra says:

    I have the hairline crack on my SE Arc, which appeared out of nowhere. I also have problems with it constantly telling me it is out of memory when I do not download any apps, and it rejects new text messages when the message memory is almost empty. It won’t refresh emails and it doesn’t always connect calls either. I’m really quite fed up with this phone, especially as I have another year left on this contract!

    1. i have the exact same problems. i cannot update the standard apps that are on the phone not the m.card. Even though the phone has enough memory i cannot update. Also my messages are rejected also and i cannot delete any other messages because it crashes. It also regulary crashes when opening apps and has become very slow

  40. Paul Margates says:

    i have this crap phone also with the crack by the sensor also phone died two days ago no power what so ever , wouldnt buy again going back to iphone 4

    1. Arc says:

      U’ve bricked your arc as the ICS ROM is still in beta. But U could always reinstate to Gingerbread. Afterwhich wait for the official ICS launched in May/June timeframe.

  41. Rawdinae says:

    I have Xperia Arc after the latest upgrade – experiencing phone freezing / crashing/ switching off/  rebooting etc.

    Returned to O2 to repair under warranty – just received call from O2 not covered under warranty due to external damage!! I kept phone in a hard plastic and leather case and returned phone through an O2 store none detected – when I challenged back they said the phone had been subjected to excessive force damaging internal components which were uneconomical to repair and not covered by warranty.!!!  

    Definitely a problem with software upgrade!!!

  42. Karl says:

    had my sony xperia arc for just under a year got crack on screen,please advise???.no picture cant use…always had sony phone.if they don’t replace will go over to iphone.

  43. Mikey B says:

    You guys seem to be making this phone out to be such a piece of crap.
    I’ve had mine for almost a year now, I’ve had the cracks.. could’ve been caused by me..
    This phone has taken quite a few falls and for it’s slim design it has handled them well.
    my first and only BIG problem is happening now.. my “in-call” speaker is not working properly when i have the phone to my ear during a conversation there is a terrible layer of fuzzyness that comes along with the voice I am trying to comprehend. It gives me terrible headaches. 🙁

  44. Jubs_me says:

    I own SE Xperia Arc S and got a crack at the same spot near the proximity sensor (which was fine with me) until my proximity sensor started to act weird that is the screen continued to appear blank even after taking the phone off my ear. So please dont say that it has nothing to do whatsoever with the crack near it.

    P.S : My phone is currently given for repair and I am using an old nokia atm. Maybe Sony Ercisson was the wrong choice :((]

  45. Ray Ray says:

    Is anyone having trouble with memory cards. It keep saying safe to remove memory card i press mount memory card, but 2 seconds later it just keeps coming up safe to remove. HELP PLZ

  46. Denie Fath says:

    Every time I put the phone down on the table just a little bit too hard, it would shut it self down. 

    Such an annoying problem, and the phone is only about 2 months old too!

  47. Tstar5252 says:

    After 3 months my xperia arc s started crashing on phone calls.  The screen would go blank and although it was still powered nothing would work until the battery was removed and re-inserted and the phone switched on again.  It’s now been repaired, a new proximity sensor fitted, and so far so good!  Hope it lasts!

  48. Dancheshire84 says:

    I have an arc s, it’s terrible. Slow, crashes regularly etc. Selling and buying a Samsung s2/3. Had enough of Sony irritating me.

  49. Careal_dragovich says:

    sony ericsson arc s reboots for no reason loads of blogs have been mentioned and seems sony know about this but dont want to do or take notice of the reports they are getting // its not a cheap phone by any means // i live in the uk

  50. Careal_dragovich says:

    thought i was told by the manage in 3 store it was good my old nokia does better
    they pack these smart phones with aii kinds of apps that you cant remove // like they own the product after you have paid for it but when it goes wrong sony dont wnt to know

  51. Careal_dragovich says:

    done so 48 hr tests on my sony ericson arc s hope it will help part of the prblem is the charge if lef on to long / found using nokia n8 usb pc cable better doesnt over charge the unit// also rest the phone ie hard reset/ dont leave the micro sd init // the use Update_Service_Setup-sony experia to update not pc companion and it lets you turn of apps that you dont want the phonto run // go into settings the apps then go to right bar that says all and force the app you dont want running and then disable that app // now it should not keep rebooting// then download the apps yo do need hope this helps

  52. Fuzzy178 says:

    Problem That I had was After just 14 Days when recording Video , On playback a Strange fast Ticking noise Developed , Tried another SD card no Better put back to Full Factory Settings and still the same very fast ticking sound on Audio sounded something like on A PC when the Hard-Drive is playing up , I sent it back and I did get my Money back , But when I phoned Sony they said they had never come across the problem before , anyone Else had this Problem. 

  53. Sharnjit says:

    i am in canada, i had a cracked in my phone one by the senson and one on the bottam part and because of this the screen got loose. i did talk to sony and they did fix my phone for free

  54. Siggie127 says:

    Im from Sri Lanka and having an awe-full time with my xperia-arc.  There’s this crack in the paint work. And worst thing is it keeps rebooting time to time, specially in the middle of calls. wht i hv to say is. it sucks big time. 🙁 🙁

  55. Deanhider says:

    im in the uk and also have the crack i also got an other problem with it the  ear speaker really vibrates during calls that i cant hear whats being said..envirophone i think its only 4 months old and a real piece of s**t

  56. Supertoobs says:

    New and awesome problems I am having with my Sony phone.
    1. I get a fuzzy screen every time I hit the power button to log into my phone.  Fuzzy screen definition – A screen full of pixels that returns a grey color.
    2. When I try to type in my password it is not recognized
    3. When I am in the phone I can not easily shift between screens.  The phone will either skip the first screen and move to the second or it will not move at all.
    4. The casing has cracked all over due to my need for hard reboots and pulling the battery
    5. I have to hard re-boot everyday to get the phone to work for an hour or two.  This means I have to pull the battery and then re-start the phone.
    The phone is falling apart and I have not hit a year yet.  These similar issues happened with my Motorola Droid after a year.  Maybe it is the OS and not the hardware or vice versa I am not sure, but I may be looking at a I-phone now due to all of these problems.

  57. Leewilliams7 Lw says:

    I live in N.East England, Newcastle where I also bought my Sony Ericson. Ihave noticed a crack at the top of of the handset next to the sensor. Im very disapointed with the terrible battery life and speed which sometimes seems to take forever to perform the simplest of tasks. All in all a very poor show from S.E.

  58. Chinesefitness says:

     I’m From New York City I’ve the New “Arc-S”  LT18A for USA and Yes after 3 months the cracking  begin with  this “ cheaply plastic silver paint-work..  hairline cracking is getting longer on the Upper right Corner Top from the power botton to the proximity sensor also the cheap silver paintwork has been coming off ..  I alway used a Silicone Case  and was never droped…

  59. varda says:

    I have xperica arc s.when i charge my phone,the inbuilt game :’ lets golf’ automatically opens evey time.i tried uninstalling the game but it cannot be uninstalled.Please help.

  60. Apen2102 says:

    On my 2nd xperia arc. First one kept turning off when phone was put down, when I followed instructions from Sony and tried to revert phone to factory settings the sony website crashed and then I couldn’t even get the phone to say on. Provider sent it off for repair and they sent me a new hand set within 3 days!! I had firsty one in Aug last year and had it replaced in Feb.
    Ever since I had the new one it hasn’t been the easiest phone to charge, I don’t pug it into the computer very often only when it requests and update. (I’ve noticed the pin in the hole where the charger fits moves somtimes) I turn my phone off every night and when turned back on takes a while to connect to emails, texts or apps.  When try to update direct with the phone it says sim not recognised. Crack at top near earphone. (never been dropped). Notification tones keep reverting randomly to the sony ones, even though when I go i to set them back to the ones I want it still shows as my chosen ones are still selected.
    I’ve had Sony Ericson phones for years and have always found them good phones, but this one is making me think differently!!

  61. I’m from the UK, had this phone about 10 months, the last 2 months have been so frustrating, it constantly freezes and is slow and unresponsive. It also gets very hot. I am not sure where to look for any cracks.

  62. pat says:

    Im inthe uk,my arc has a crack directly above the proxi mity sensor th e phone has started to freeze and have a split screen,
    The Bluetooth is also a problem I cant send files only receive ,wish I never got it in the first place

  63. belius2 says:

    had my arcs 19 days working ace fast no lag photos ace couldnt knock it then bang it happend the screen keeps rolling just like a fruit mechine still makes calls dose every thing still but just carnt see it with all the movement on it in the uk no crack though

  64. Sharon says:

    My son, who lives in the UK has just shown me his phone, which doesn’t just have a hairline crack but huge cracks across the screen. Apparently this happened when it was on charging and the cracks would support this as all the cracks are internal and to touch, the outside of the screen feels smooth.

  65. terri. says:

    I live in cobourg Ontario. I have the xperia arc. It has the crack in the top. Right now I cant get it to pick up WiFi, and this is the second time. it doesnt read my sd card. Pissed.

  66. sony the great says:

    Same here it was 10months now and when i notice a hairline crack in top of the sensor in the power button,since i bought this it was on a capdase jelly case….what could happen?Can i return it to a service center?since it was on warranty? im from the philippines.

  67. L says:

    I am experiencing problems, a small crack has just appeared in the upper right corner. All I did was send a text and look back this crack has appeared. Not dropped the phone. Also experienced some issues with the screen freezing on me, to sort this out I have had to rebot the phone

  68. gus says:

    I had to send my experia arc back under warranty ( to australian company Allphones) because it stopped working altogether, they sent me back my phone’s original outer shell with a new motherboard. i asked what happened and they said they “knew what hapened” but refused to say what. im pretty sure the motherboard overheated because the phone used to often cook on phonecalls before it died. it would get so hot In the top section I would have to give it some space between the phone and my ear when making calls.
    the “new” replacement is now a few months old, calls are dropping out while ive got full reception and its starting to cook again, im on ICS now band was in GB before so …im giving up on sony for real.

  69. Disgruntled says:

    I’m from Singapore and I used to be a SE fan for it’s fantastic handset camera. Been using this handset for almost a year as I lost my iphone4. This is certainly the worst phone I used ever. Any old school Nokia Hp would have fared better. Problems: dropped calls which happens at least twice a day. Hairline crack which I thought I carelessly caused until I read this post. Screen blacking out and not responding at least once in 2 days. Have to remove hard silicon casing and replace battery to restart it. No network however the network bar shows full network, how do I realise it? Getting blasted with missed call alert function. Unresponsive screen and super laggy sensory.
    Everything about this Hp sucks.
    Not planning to go to trouble to get back to dealer, will be getting iphone5 when my contract expires in few days time.

  70. morgan says:

    I have had my experia for 4 mths and have had the screen crack twice both times costing over $ 200 to repair ,sony don’t want to know about it ,would never own another sony phone again

  71. isaiahipj says:

    When i make calls or receive the call my Sony Xperia Arc S mobile display is going blank if i press any key can not able to see the display and can not access the phone Sony Xperia Arc S, that’s fine, the proximity sensor turns off the screen but when i finish talking the screen stays black but the phone is turned on and i can not access it, not even pressing the turn off button or the home key. it’s like the sensor is always on. i have to take out the battery in order to turn on and use the phone again. So please help me to rectify the problem.PLEASE…

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