Vodafone UK Coverage Disrupted By Cows

Well now here’s something one doesn’t hear every day, apparently over here in the United Kingdom Vodafone coverage in a certain area of England has been out for weeks, and the reason for that signal outage is apparently cows, not you ordinary explanation for mobile phone signal outage.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo by way of the News & Star, Vodafone customers in West Cumbria have been deprived of their mobile phone coverage for weeks because of the hungry bovines.

Apparently the cows where hungry and decided to crash through a fence around a mast in Moota near Cockermouth and decided to lunch on the Vodafone line resulting in coverage going down and an investigation was launched by Vodafone.

Affected Vodafone customer James Waite said, “It started with signal being very poor and texts weren’t getting sent. Then since last week we’ve had no signal at all.”

A spokesperson for Vodafone said, “It seems that cows have eaten the BT link. As these links are owned and managed by BT, it is their responsibility to repair any faults.”

Whilst a spokesperson for British Telecom commented, “It is our equipment but not our site, therefore we had to wait for the repairs to the fence to be completed and for the area to be made safe. We apologise for the inconvenience caused by these unusual and unforeseeable circumstances.”

However, as of 5am this morning it appears that the repair have been completed and Vodafone coverage in West Cumbria has now been restored, so let’s just hope whoever repaired the fence has now made it cow proof as perhaps the cows now have a liking for “moo-tilating” mobile phone lines.


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