T-Mobile Now Supports Samsung Against Apple

Well it looks like the carriers in the US have finally woken up to the notion that the fight between Apple and Samsung could damage their business, as the other day Verizon came down on Samsung’s side and now T-Mobile has also shown its colours and joined Verizon is support of Samsung.

According to an article over on Apple Insider by way of FOSS Patents, T-Mobile has now taken the same stance in the bitter patent battle between Apple and Samsung as Verizon and submitted it support of Sammy via entering a brief along the same lines as Verizon’s to the court.

T-Mobile asks the court for “a formal request for permission to be admitted to the proceedings as a third party and, a motion to shorten time in order to ensure that the court will decide on the admission of T-Mobile ahead of the October 13 hearing on Apple’s motion for a preliminary injunction”

Obviously as T-Mobile isn’t in line to pick up the iPhone, the carrier doesn’t want Samsung 4G devices banned during the run up to the festive season, and no doubt Verizon doesn’t want their Samsung Android offerings affected as well.

Along with the motion to shorten time, and unlike Verizon’s brief, T-Mobile has extended the public interest argument to cover “all asserted patents, including the Design Patents.”

Of course whether the court accepts both briefs from Verizon and T-Mobile remains to be seen, but with both carriers filing their briefs it does show that Apple’s continued fight with Samsung may affect others, including limiting the public’s right of choice when it comes to mobile devices.

So that’s two of the four major carriers now siding with Samsung against Apple in the States, while AT&T and Sprint have yet to show their true colours on just where they stand in this patent fight, whether Apple will ultimately win the fight against Samsung remains to be seen but no doubt this confrontation will continue for a lot longer yet.

I have embedded the T-Mobile brief below for those that wish to read it in its entirety. So which side do you come down on in this fight, Apple or Samsung?

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