Twitter or Facebook iOS 5 Integration, Public Choice

Social network users are waiting for the Twitter and Facebook integration within the new iOS 5, and it seems Twitter cannot wait until it happens.

Apple is set to reveal all there is know about iOS 5 and the iPhone 5 at its event, kicking off October 4. (Be sure to be with us, as we will be giving you live coverage of this great media event).

According to iDB, Twitter is very excited about its integration within iOS 5, this new joint venture will allow users to share photos and statuses with friends, the same can be said for Facebook as well. Twitter can expect a massive growth once the integration goes public, as so will Facebook.

Michael Abbott, Twitter’s engineering Vice President mentioned at the GigaOM Mobilize 2011 conference that “iOS is not something we have to brace for.”

We have already brought it to your attention that if you visit “Developer Teatimes” they have just scheduled two events for October 10th and October 12th, and they will mainly be covering the deep Twitter integration with iOS 5.

The question is “Is it a big deal to have Twitter integrated within the new iOS 5?” All we know is it will most definitely get many more tweets. Twitter already has 230+ tweets per day and rising, and with iOS 5 and Twitter combined it will only go higher in numbers.

We are hoping that when Apple hold its event on October 4, they will announce the iPhone 5, iOS 5, Twitter and Facebook integration and of course the long awaited iPad Facebook app.

We have put a poll together to ask you if you would prefer Facebook or Twitter integration within iOS 5, read the poll question below and choose either one, both or none.

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2 thoughts on “Twitter or Facebook iOS 5 Integration, Public Choice”

  1. Luka Šćepanović says:

    I would almost never use the Facebook integration. I almost never use Facebook anymore and my friends wouldn’t be interested in the things I have to share. However, I’d use the Twitter services

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