Google Chrome for Android in Ice Cream Sandwich Hope

Google Chrome for Android is a lot closer than we think, maybe we will see it released with the new Ice Cream Sandwich update about to hit upon us this month.

A website called Chromium Code reports that Google Chrome for Android is coming soon, now if you think about Google and Samsung joining hands for the October 11 event called Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2011 “Google Episode”, it makes you wonder if Ice Cream Sandwich and Google Chrome for Android will have its announcements.

When we sit here and ponder of the thoughts of such announcements mentioned above, we have to add what ConceivablyTech has said, which is “We should be seeing the first version of Chrome for Android in October”.

Google Chrome for Android will have the same features that its big desktop brother has; even better news is that the open source Skia 2D graphics library will be a standard component and a Java bridge in the Webkit-based browser from the start.

Google has massive plans with Samsung, so if we put in respective these key happenings such as the Google / Samsung event, the Samsung Nexus Prime, and Android Ice Cream Sandwich, mix all these up in a bowl within the October month, you can surely see Google Chrome for Android having its mention officially as well.

Wonder if the Chrome Web Store for Android smartphones and tablets will come to light as well, now there is a thought. Would you like Chrome for Android released within Ice Cream Sandwich as standard?

Please do let us know what you think about the above news, keep October 11th in your diary for all the latest news on the above announcements. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter; you can also connect with Phones Review Mark Chubb on Google+.


One thought on “Google Chrome for Android in Ice Cream Sandwich Hope”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It will probably be this version or Android 5.

    I suspect it will be in October. An then in Android version 5 code name Jelly Bean we will see chrome start to take over some of Android functions and features. An a slow evolution of Android into Chrome OS over the next 5 years.

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