Android Ice-Cream Sandwich Features: Face-Recognition to unlock phones

Android Ice-Cream Sandwich 4.0 features are a little scarce at the moment, we have a few ideas of what to expect, but as usual we have to sit back and wait for official announcements. There is a remote possibility that ICS 4.0 could feature face-recognition lock screen.

On September 30th Phones Review colleague James published news covering the “Nexus Prime Apps List Outed”, and on this list was ‘FaceLock.apk’, please check out the full list here.

There is a lot of news surrounding this new Google Android update, and hopefully if all correct we can see Ice Cream Sandwich being announced at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2011 “Google Episode” event on October 11, along with the new Nexus Prime smartphone.

Google may possibly be on the verge of announcing its new facial recognition to unlock your phone; this would be a cool feature to have. All you would need to do is look into your phones front-facing camera to unlock your Android device.

All we know is at the moment is that “FaceLock.apk” is a file name, this does not give solid evidence that it will release, it could mean many different things such as someone running around whilst your trying to take a photo via you camera, the camera could automatically lock onto its target face and takes pictures on its own, oh come on it could be possible.

If the file name did point towards face-recognition to unlock your Android smartphone, do you think it will work via an app or built-in? Another question worth asking, “Do you think this feature will be standard on the new Samsung Nexus Prime smartphone?”

Whilst we wait for official news announcements, please do take a look at our article we did earlier, this reports on the iOS 5 being annihilated by Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. You may want to check out a video showing ICS 4.0 features.

Source — Droid-Life via My Droid World

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