iOS 5 Annihilated by Android Ice Cream Sandwich

We wanted to get to the bottom of something regarding iOS 5 and Android Ice Cream Sandwich, so we asked Phones Review readers to vote for the operating system they wanted the most, we now have the results that might shock a few of you.

Back on September 27th we asked our Phones Review readers a simple question, which was “The operating system I want the most is?” with that question we gave you a few choices such as iOS 5, Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and None of the above thanks, well we would like to give you the results so far.

From the 27th Sept to today (Oct 3rd) the poll we set up has had 459 votes, 10 Votes (2.0%) voted “None of the above thanks), only 126 Votes (27.0%) went towards Apple iOS 5, and a staggering 323 Votes (70.0%) voted Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Obviously this is only a small number of votes, but nether the less it proves that ICS Android 4.0 is more favoured than the iOS 5 that is hoping to get its major announcement tomorrow at the Apple “Let’s Talk iPhone” event, kicking off tomorrow Oct 4th at 6PM GMT (London) time.

OS Recap Features: Android Ice Cream Sandwich is expecting to feature new UI, Open source, multi-core architectures, Google TV integration, Linux 3.0 kernel, Android Market music purchases, Built-in theme engine, better gaming, Chrome OS integration, More speed and More performance, backward compatibility, hardware with no buttons and much more.

We already know about 200+ features on the new iOS 5, but it is also expected to feature Speech-to-Text, Voice Assistant and much more. We will hopefully be letting you know a lot more when the Apple event starts at 6PM tomorrow evening.

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