Unlimited 4G data with best Walmart T-Mobile Plan

If you are looking for the best, unlimited 4G data, then you may want to read more about the new Walmart T-Mobile Plan.

Walmart and T-Mobile have joined forces to offer customers the best 4G data plan, this is very cheap at only $30 per month and all customers need to do is sign up for no-contract coverage with unlimited web and text.

T-Mobile USA will launch the new $30 unlimited web and text monthly 4G prepaid service plan October 16, this will be sold exclusively in-store via Walmart stores and Walmart online, as well as T-Mobile online.

This new service will allow Walmart customers stunning access to the largest 4G Network, it is great read that this new service is only $30 per month and this does not require a yearly contract. Customers simply get unlimited Web with 5 GB at up to 4G speeds, 100 minutes of talk, unlimited text at 10 cents per minute after the first 100 minutes.

Seong Ohm, senior vice president of entertainment, Walmart U.S said, “Walmart is proud to offer our customers fast and affordable mobile options, especially as texting and social networking become a regular form of communication,”

This only applies to T-Mobile customers, please be aware that not all customers receive 4G speeds, please visit T-Mobile to see if you have HSPA+ 4G network available where you are.

We would love to know if you will be opting for this new service, is this a great deal in your eyes? Please post all your comments below as we would love to know what you are thinking.

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4 thoughts on “Unlimited 4G data with best Walmart T-Mobile Plan”

  1. hovermeister says:

    There is nothing unlimited about this deal.  Unlimited implies you pay a single price for as much of that feature as you want.  Yet the “unlimited” text still costs 10 cents/minute after the first 100 minutes?  What about the cap on Web usage at 5gb – how is that unlimited?  And who talks only 100 minutes per month?  Assuming 30 cents/minute, another 100 minutes becomes $30.  So a measly 500 voice minutes per month equals $30 for the 1st 100 and $30 for every 100 minutes after that = $150?!?!?!?  No way this is a good deal, unless the information has been mis-printed.

  2. Ted Allen says:

    It would be a fantastic deal if you could only get it. Walmart requires you buy their phone.  Tmobile won’t know what the heck you’re talking about. When you try to fill your phone with the order, tmobile puts it in as minutes for talk only  after about a day they disable internet. When you call them again (and again, and again and again) They (again) will not know what the heck you’re talking about. T mobile will require an activation code but walmart gives you a pin.  When you talk with tmobile about it they won’t know what the heck you’re talking about, over and over and on and on.  Most people give up after several days of Stupid (And I do mean stupid) Tmobile customer service morons. I guess they call themselves “CSM’s”  I, on the other hand, disputed the charge to my credit card and had the money cheerfully refunded.

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