Install iOS 5 first then decide on iPhone 5

Apple event, iPhone 5 and iOS 5 is all the talk at the moment, and with tomorrow (Oct 4) being the big day for multiple announcements possibly on all mentioned above we would like to ask you a question.

We are calling out to all current Apple device owners all around the world, will you install the new iOS 5 onto your iPhone or iPad first to test the software before you purchase the iPhone 5?

No one knows exactly how good the new Apple iOS 5 update will be until it has been released to the public, would it make more sense to install it onto your current iDevice before getting your hands on the new iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S first, surely you would prefer to test the new iOS to see if it benefits you.

Is it the case of “I just want the iPhone 5 because I Love iPhone’s” or is it the case that “I love the operating system more than the iPhone itself”

We here at Phones Review have asked numerous people if they love their iPhone device or is it the software that wins their hearts, and surprisingly they love the iOS rather than the device, and some say they just like the iPhone as the iOS is not what you call amazing.

If the iPhone 5 is announced at the Apple event tomorrow with a release at the end of the month, will you purchase straight away or will you test the iOS 5 update first?

Please do scroll down a little below this article and look at our poll question, just click the relevant answer field. Please do use our commenting area below if you prefer to post a comment rather than use the poll. Thanks

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