Abandoning Android for new iPhone 5

Only one hour and 25 minutes to go until the Apple event starts, it has been said that the iOS 5 will be the main talk today leaving the iPhone 5 possibly not even getting a mention.

We will be on it very hard as soon as the event starts, giving you all the news as it happens. How disappointed will you be if the iPhone 5 does not even get a mention?

We have had a few emails from Phones review readers suggesting that they will leave Android if Apple unveils the iPhone 5 today, so much so they will leave their Android devices in favour for Apple, is this the case of “Abandoning Android for new iPhone 5”.

We could sit here for another hour banging on what might be, but it is a safe bet to just sit back and be patient for the official keynote to begin. It could be the iPhone 4S and not the iPhone 5 being mentioned today but then that would leave a lot of customers very disappointed, unless the iPhone 5 is on fact the iPhone 4S and it was never true for Apple to release two new smartphones.

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Have fun and be patient, we will be back. Go to our discussion corner to chat about the Apple event etc right here.

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