HP TouchPad Android CM7: Dual-Boot with ACME Installer

Those that own the HP TouchPad tablet, will be very happy to learn that you can now dual-boot Android / WebOS thanks to the new ACME Installer For CM7.

CyanogenMod 7 has made fantastic progress for the HP TouchPad, the developers have just announced that there is a new tool called “ACME Installer”, which will allow users to dual-boot CyanogenMod 7 with webOS on their HP TouchPad tablet PC.

The HP TouchPad that was discontinued not so long ago has become a favourite device for Android users, and such users will be very happy to watch the YouTube video (Below) showing off the ACME Installer For CM7 tool being demonstrated.

The new ACME Installer will hopefully be released, and once it is it will be very simple and safe to install CM to your HP Touchpad, the new tool called novacom for Windows, Mac and Linux from HP which will be used to run ACME Installer, it has a file called “cm-update”, and it is this that contains the CM7 files.

This new tool allows users to switch between WebOS and Android, HP should think about releasing more Tablets as this is going to be very hot stuff, more business more money for HP.

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  1. Carrollcburns says:

    I have been using it for a for a week now and I have to say, it works flawlessly.  I am very very impressed.  The fact that I did not lose anything I setup on WebOs is awesome!!

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