Attack Of The Mall Zombies iOS App Free For Your Halloween Gaming

It’s that time of year again when everyone gets into the Halloween spirit and in keeping with the spooky spirit of Halloween the makers of Attack of the Mall Zombies, Abstrakt Reality has made the iOS app a free download during the month of October so you can get your zombie killing action on.

The Attack Of The Mall Zombies App for iOS devices is a third-person shooter come strategy game where you play a mall cop that has to keep the mall doors closed during an onslaught of zombies and will need to shoot them to achieve your goal.

Attack Of The Mall Zombies features four mall stores, the Gun shop, the Sporting shop, the Clothing store and the food Court with all stores delivering options of weapons depending on the level you are playing. The Gun shop offers shoot gun, hand gun an machine gun, while the Sports store offers a crossbow, chainsaw, and cattle prod, while the Clothing store offers metal armour, acid armour and invisible cloth as protective clothing whilst the Food Court offers recharging of your health.

In the game there are three differing zombie classes, Normal, Fast and Boss, with the Boss surfacing at the end of each level. Double points are awarded for killing a zombie whilst keeping the doors closed while quadruple points are awarded when killing a zombie if you can keep both doors shut.

Of course as with any shoot-em-up game you will run out of ammunition so will need to make your way to other stores to pick up extra ammo to carry on shooting the zombies and you’ll need to keep an eye on your health as every time you get bitten your health level will fall.

The Attack Of The Mall Zombies app is for the iPhone, iPhone Touch and Apple iPad, and we have a quick demo video for your viewing consideration below, so don’t forget to check that out before hitting up iTunes to grab your free copy.

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