iPhone 4S Cases, Halloween Case-Mate Creatures

Halloween is getting closer, are you ready to get you scare on? As we all know, the new Apple iPhone 4S is releasing October 14th, and we have ours on order.

Before we talk about these new Halloween cases, we would like to say a big thanks to iPhone Rumors for giving us the heads up. Case-Mate have a new line of iPhone 4S cases for Halloween called Creatures, they have a selection called Monsta, Hoot, Frank, Gil, Tut, Bubbles, Xing and Waddler, but the ones that stand out for us is Monsta, Tut and Frank cases, just a little more fitting with the Halloween theme.

All the cases are the same price at $24.99, apparently these cases also fit the iPhone 4, but we reported not so long ago that iPhone 4 cases will not fit the new iPhone 4S, obviously we will test this as soon as we receive our new Apple smartphone.

These new Case-Mate Creature cases feature silicone pieces that create a nice grip hold, the animation of the creatures on the case look brilliant and vibrant, Halloween is supposed to be scary but these cases look kind of cute.

Our favourite selection includes “Tut wraps”, “Monsta” and “Frank”, the Tut cases look fantastic with its raised silicone bandages, all the Creature cases by Case-mate come in stunning colours, we have a few screenshots below as well as a video highlighting them.

The Frank case is bright green and really stands out, yes he is snarling at you and everyone that walks past you, own one of these products and not only you will scare people but your case will be on the prowl too.

For more information please visit the dedicated Case-Mate Creatures website page.

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