Microsoft Offering BlackBerry Users Windows Phones?

As you probably know, especially if you are one of the BlackBerry faithful, Research In Motion have been having quite a bit of trouble with BlackBerry outages recently, outages that have affected both the United States and Canada, Europe and elsewhere, and it appears Microsoft is taking advantage of the situation.

According to the guys over at WP Central, Microsoft is pulling a bit of a publicity stunt at the expense of RIM and the suffering frustrated BlackBerry user with Windows Phone evangelist Ben Rudolph offering free 25 free Windows Phone devices to BlackBerry user who share why they get frustrated with their BlackBerry and RIM.

Here’s what @BenThePCGuy tweeted…” #DearBlackberry users, Frustrated with your BB? Tell me why you want to upgrade to a #windowsphone – I’ve got 25 to give away.”

There’s no word on which Windows Phone devices are offered in the freebee, or whether any BlackBerry user has taken Rudolph up on his offer, but it does seem that Microsoft isn’t against trying to turn at least some of the BlackBerry faithful over to the Windows Phone side.

Of course even if BlackBerry users do share their stories and receive a Windows Phone it doesn’t mean that BlackBerry user will jump the RIM ship, as they could still use their trusty old BlackBerry and keep the Windows Phone device for when RIM experience yet another outage.

And even if the offer did turn a few BlackBerry users away from BlackBerry, 25 is hardly enough to make any real difference in the mobile space to both RIM and Microsoft.

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