Droid RAZR countdown time close to ICS, register now

Motorola has made live its coming soon, faster / thinner / smarter / stronger countdown time page, and this promises to bring you something special, which is more than likely going to be the Motorola Droid RAZR announcement.

The Motorola announcement is very close to the Android Ice Cream Sandwich announcement, if you visit Motorola’s website you will see that the clock is counting down (time of publishing this news it was at 28 hours 14 seconds, which means October 19th is going to be the big day.

You can register now right here for periodic updates, special offers and promotions, this is surely poor timing for Motorola to announce something so close to Samsungs event announcements, who are expected to announce ICS and a new smartphone aka Nexus Prime.

Motorola could also be announcing a brand new Xoom tablet PC, what else would you like to hear from the Moto camp?

If Samsung has its event on the same day or even a week later, do you think that their announcements would weaken Motorola’s announcements? Let us think for a minute, ok still thinking, ok got it; Nexus Prime and Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system update is way more exciting than the new Motorola smartphone, do you agree or not?

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