Xbox 720 and mobile integration

The new Xbox 720, which will be Microsoft’s next console, will have many features, and one that is on our mind is mobile integration.

At the moment we know that the HTC HD7 has Xbox Live integration allowing gamers to play console-like quality on their handset thanks to the large 4.3-inch display screen, but what will the Xbox 720 and mobile integration offer when released?

Surely there are many new features when it comes to mobile integration with the 720, there are so many questions to ask such as, what will be the next smartphone that will incorporate Xbox 720 goodies? Will the new console run Microsoft Windows 8 that can also be accessed via a Windows 8 smartphone?

There are so many ideas that one could come up with, what would you like to see when it comes down to the new Xbox 720 and mobile integration?

How about an Xbox 720 featuring better Kinect, where the Kinect could be incorporated into say the Apple iPad 3 tablet via its newly advanced camera? This feature would not allow you to play games where you need the whole room, but it could allow you to download apps that allow you to play in the comfort of your chair. Ok we know we was pushing it a little there with Microsoft and Apple in one device, but there could be possibilities of new Windows tablet devices with Xbox 720 mobile integration.

If you have any ideas when it comes to Xbox 720 and mobile integration, please do let us know in the commenting area below.


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  1. afskjahgsoigh says:

    Microsoft putting their tech into an Apple product? Really? Go on… just think about what wrote for just five seconds…………………………………………………………….. there you go. Might I suggest an alternative career too

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