Angry Birds Halloween Edition, new character teaser

It is soon to be a spooky night, and a new Angry Birds Halloween edition is about to come your way. There will be a new character guest appearance that should excite a little.

It is all a big secret at the moment, and all we can go on is a new YouTube teaser video courtesy of Rovio Mobile, which you can watch below.

If you watch the teaser video you will notice a few Angry Birds dressed up in costumes, one is Frankenstein. Anyway, after you see the Angry Birds walking through the forest they hear movements coming from a barrel containing candy, next you see from inside the barrel looking out with the Angry blighters looking inside.

Droid-Life is suggesting and they do emphasize that it is a minor speculation, that the guest character appearance in either Om Nom (you know that little fellow from Cut The Rope).

So what do you think, do you believe that the Angry Birds Halloween Edition, new character teaser is Om Nom, or simply a pig dressed up as a pumpkin?

There will be scary back chilling creatures in the forest, please do let us know if you are looking forward to this new special edition, should be releasing very soon indeed in time for the spooky night of Halloween.


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